Takinoya Bekkan Tamanoyu is a traditional Japanese inn located at Noboribetsu in the island of Hokkaido. The area is known for its number of hot springs and Jigokudani, a volcanic crater dubbed as Hell Valley.

The ryokan is a 4-star inn that ranks high compared to other hotels in Noboribetsu. It has 24 rooms that uniformly incorporates classic ryokan elements in the traditional Japanese style.

The rooms cost between 20,000 to 40,000 JPY. Takinoya Bekkan Tamanoyu features a range of facilities from their lobby, shop, and restaurant that bases its dishes on the change of seasons. It can be accessed by bus ride from New Chitose Airport.


Does this place have a private onsen for couples and families? Is this venue tatoo friendly?

Rental hot spring baths for private use (outside guest rooms): 1 bath

Spring qualities

Sulfur spring

Popular hot spring resort

Boasting 11 types of different spring qualities, Noboribetsu Onsen is one of the most popular hot spring resorts in Japan.

Tourist spots nearby

Noboribetsu Jigokudani (Hell Valley), Noboribetsu Bear Park, Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura (Historic Village)

Number of rooms

24 rooms


Rooms with open-air baths

Onsen Area

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen?
Onsen Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)?

Is there a communal shared public bath?

Are there additional rental options?
With open-air tubs 0 With indoor tubs 1 With both indoor and outdoor tubs 0 Hours 2:00 pm-11:50 pm

Price range (yen)

The price includes one dinner and one breakfast



Total rating: 4.5
Nice Ryokan and onsen experience
We wanted a more private ryokan experience with dinner served privately rather than a buffet so we chose this ryokan. It was a great experience although it cost a lot, I think the price is a bit steep for services or food provided. The good: the location is central, on the shopping street itself and very walkable to the Hell Valley. We arrived by car and there is free parking just across the ryokan. The ryokan is smallish so more personal. We were served dinner in a private room, very cozy and intimate compared to buffet with lots of other tourists in bigger hotels. There was no non smoking room but I was pleasantly surprised by the very clean air. The onsen is small one outdoor one indoor but we were the only people using it - just me and my three daughters and my husband next door in the man side - fantastic since it was our first onsen experience and we were worried about being in our birth suit. The shampoos etc was very good in the onsen. The not so good: It was quite hard to locate as the sign is not in English. It took us a while. The main course of the dinner was a disappointment, the grilled mackerel was dried and not piping hot. The same dish served at Onsen Ichiba just up the road was so much better. The other main course choice was pork which was average. The sashimi was a standout but for my hubby who doesn’t eat raw food the dinner was very mediocre despite the high price. Overall it was a great first onsen and ryokan experience.

Attentive and friendly staff, good food and onsen
Very warm and attentive welcome. I loved the food and the thermal onsen. All in all a good experience, with nothing to complain. In my opinion, a little bit overpriced. Maybe it has to do that it's in the vicinity of touristic Noboribetsu and that it was a Ryokan. Though I paid less in other Ryokans. The rooms were a bit old but very clean.

Horrible, beware
I have been to noboribetsu twice. The first time was spent at Mahoroba hotel which is across the street from Tamanoyu ryokan. So this rating is in comparison of hotel Mahoroba. Pool- Tamanoyu ryokan has only one outdoor and one indoor pool. The pool is rather small so three adult will make the pool very crowded unless you like elbowing strangers nude. On the contrary Mahoroba hotel had 5-6 outdoor and 5-6 indoor pools with a variety of different types and more space. Only one thin, worn out towel provided and we were told to dry and reuse for our entire stay. So comparing tamanoyu ryokan to hotel mahoroba, would give two star for pool for tamanoyu. Price - pricing and value for the ryokan stay, onsen, and the meal in mahoroba was cheaper than tamanoyu ryokan. So two star for tamanoyu Food - tamanoyu ryokan had grilled fish, rice, soup and few other smaller dishes. Something I normally could make at home. Very unimpressive. The pots and utensils are cute, but that’s about it. Mahoroba on the other hand is buffet with crab leg, unlimited sushi, unlimited seafood, and unlimited beef and a variety of other selection, and the quality is also top notch. (Had like 20 other dishes) compared to mahoroba tamanoyu ryokan is one star. Service - at tamanoyu, there is only one guy at check in that speaks English. Everybody else does not speak a word of English. It was very difficult dealing with this man. It was a special day that my wife and I had arranged to come to rest and spend vacation in their most comfortable room. The receptionist is disrespectful, and made the whole process difficult in his passive-aggressive ways, and he will find ways to get on your nerves. One star

Not worth the price we paid this year
It's our second time here. First time in 2018 was great, someone helped pushing our luggage from outside into the hotel, followed up with welcome drink and sweet snacks. Someone helped parking our van. The meals were good. This year, we have to do all ourselves, except for parking our van right across the hotel. We had to push our own luggage from outside into the hotel. Then, we didn't get served welcome hot towels or drinks, but I see others served at checked in time. May be we were there before check in time? and only one guy was working? We left our luggage and went back at check in time. We were given the room keys, old ladies guided us into our rooms. We push our luggage to our rooms in two rounds because the elevator was small as before. The dinner meal was totally disappointing. We only got choices of pork or fish? When the fish came, it's a salty, dry fish? We all ate a little and left the whole fishes untouched. Last year, we got choices of steak or fresh seafood. Very disappointing. Guess the only thing left was the hot spring and the same nice night guy, very friendly and explained about what we need to do walking outside night time. However, for the price I paid this time was worthless.

Full Ryokan experience
Traditional small Ryokan which, given the massive hotels in the town, was a good choice. Half board package cost circa £200. Excellent English spoken on reception by a chap who spent time in the UK. Shoes off as you enter and slippers provided. Decent sized room which I liked as there were a couple of comfortable chairs provided and not just the traditional Japanese floor seats. The only thing to note is that our room didn't have a shower. You were expected to use the onsen. We had the standard multi- function toilet and a septate basin. Dinner was in a traditional Japanese style seated restaurant and was extensive and very enjoyable. Beer available. Breakfast was a beautifully presented Japanese spread with pickles, Miso soup and rice. Wouldn't want it every day but it was an experience. It's de rigueur to wear your provided Japanese yukata to meals. Not everyone does. Basic onsen with an indoor pool and pleasant outdoor pool. Nothing special.

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