Tamahan Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that is located in Higashiyama, Kyoto. Its surroundings are quiet and tranquil since it is situated in a meek corner of the Higashiyama district. It has a charming and spacious Japanese garden that creates a dreamy atmosphere that travelers tend to remember.

The ryokan has a total of 10 rooms, which cost 10,000 – 40,000, each having a wooden bath fused with western toilet equipment like automatic bidets.

Included in the rooms are the traditional Japanese clothing like the Yukata, Tanzen, and Hanten. Futons beds are also provided to ensure a comfortable stay and sound sleep. Breakfast is offered and can be delivered to the guest’s room.

The ryokan is near Kodai-ji Temple and the Yasaka Shrine, which guests can visit during their stay at the inn.

Tamahan is accessible by rides coming from Itami and Kobe Airports. Due to COVID-19, guests must book under the guidelines implemented by the Government of Japan.

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Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen?
Onsen Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)?

Is there a communal shared public bath?

In or near

Price range (yen)
10,000 – 40,000


Total rating: 4
Great Property in a Beautiful Location
My mother wanted to experience a traditional Japanese ryokan for her first trip to Japan, and I ultimately decided on the Tamahan. The location is in a beautiful and preserved alley of old Kyoto. The house and property are fairly large, and the hostess is very kind and helpful. I requested a room on the ground floor that had an entrance into the garden, and they fulfilled this request no problem. The room was spacious, and very peaceful/quiet even with other guests around. We opted for the Japanese breakfast each morning, and it was very filling and delicious with a good variety of dishes. The price is a little high, but still doable for the budget-conscious traveler (we simply stayed at cheap places other nights to offset the cost). The house and garden needs some better upkeep, but otherwise we enjoyed our stay.

A very atmospheric experience.
The house is amazing, we had an upper floor ultra large tatami room with garden views and a little veranda. The bathroom with a wooden bath tube is awesome, little stool and buckets, so lovely. Of course modern shower and WC. I love to sleep in futons! Old neighborhood with traditional houses and little alleys to get lost and then stroll to the temples. A luxury treat. We had breakfast included, and we order western style, which was good. The only thing that did not match the peaceful experience of a ryokan was the lady who was in charge of our room, always in haste. Hahaha!

avatarAnthony C
Japanese hotel experience but pricy
We booked the Tamahan ryokan to get an authentic Japanese experience for a portion of our stay through Japan. In a quiet street of Kyoto the ryokan was authentic but a little run down. Our room was overlooking the garden with 2 little chairs and a small table where we could read but in traditional Japanese style there is no furniture other than a low table. Because the room had not been renovated in quite a while it felt a little dusty, windows were hard to slide open and shut, ac unit was old. That being said it was charming. Be prepared to sleep on a futon on the floor and eat seated at a low table as well. The food was beautiful but very traditional so may not fit everyone’s palate. We had a choice of Japanese breakfasts or western. Bathroom has Japanese style soaking tub. Great location and a short walk to tea house district.

Ok but expensive
We booked this ryokan for 2 nights, including one dinner and two breakfasts as part of our 8 night trip in Japan. I believe it was worth it for the ryokan experience, but one night would have been enough and the food was OK but not great. The good: amazing location and a typical ryokan experience. Large room. Cute Japanese backyard. Cats around. The not so good: sleeping on a futon is tough for westerners like us. I never have back pain but woke up with one after the first night. The room is big but the bathroom tiny, outdated, and not practical for two people. It smells a bit of humidity (and I actually saw small slugs on the bathroom wall). The food was OK but not great. As other reviewers noticed, the dinner was cold and the breakfast unimaginative.

avatarJamie F
Best Part Of Our Trip!
We were lucky enough to find a room at this lovely ryokan at a late date! And it made our Japan trip truly wonderful! The room was beautiful with classic Japanese decor and furnishings but also had a thoughtful more western dining set (but with distinct Asian design) which was great, especially for a husband who had a couple knees and a hip replaced!, Our sleep on the soft foton-like beds was absolutely fantastic...who knew! And then there was the food! WOW! To say it was out of this world does it a dis-service! And to think I almost declined meals...! We had heard that there was a friendly "competition" between ryokans for the best food...well, I gotta say Tamahan has my vote! We did dinner the night we arrived and breakfast the next morning and both were the most memorable meals we had in Japan, hands down! In fact Kyoto, in general, was the best part of our twos weeks in Japan. We were close, at this ryokan, to the fantastic shopping on old pre WW2 looking streets and even found, tucked away and close by a Totoro shop! To finish, all I can say is you can not go wrong booking Tamahan...and if we return we'll definitely be back!


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