The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA is a trendy onsen ryokan that incorporates traditional Japanese designs and hospitality in its essence.

Guests will be able to enjoy the indoor hot spring bath, surrounded by captivating wall-art paintings and basking in the sunlight that hits the room perfectly.

Guests are invited to relax in the sitting room and their private rooms, utilizing the Yogibo sofa that promotes healing and relaxation after taking a dip in the hot spring bath. The room rates may range from 6,000 to 12,000 JPY.

To complete the cultural immersion experience, The Ryokan Tokyo offers specialty meals that incorporate Yugawara’s local ingredients and delicacies. Guests are also invited to enjoy a kaiseki mini-course that features fresh seafood, sourced from Odawara Port.

Located in Ashigarashimo District in Kanagawa Prefecture, The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA can be accessed by bus or car and offers booked pick-up services from Yugawara Station.

The inn is operating normally with safety measures in place and limited acceptance to prevent the spread of infection.

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    (186) The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA 〜How to enjoy our ONSEN & RYOKAN〜 - YouTube
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  • Yugawara | THE RYOKAN TOKYO
    Yugawara | THE RYOKAN TOKYO
    Yugawara | THE RYOKAN TOKYO - Pinned on : Jan 20, 2021

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen?
Onsen Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)?

Is there a communal shared public bath?

In or near

Price range (yen)
5,000 – 15,000

The Ryokan Tokyo Yugawara

Total rating: 4.5
No so pleasant stay in Tokyo Ryokan
Though promised as excellent Ryokan, it turned not such a good one. Shuttle is only available 9am and 10 am and 3pm and 3.45 pm. If not booked already. Suite without shower, we had to use shared bathroom. Public bath wasn't cleaned properly for quiet some time. Some of the female users used bath even with clothes on, she brought even coffee and mobile into the bath zone. Some control would be useful. We needed to prepare beds by our own. English speaking staff was welcome.

Nice Ryokan - enjoyed our last 3 days in Japan here.
This was our last stay before we headed to the airport having stayed in various hotels and apartments for the previous 2 weeks. I really liked the folowing: The size of the rooms - living area was nice Cost - cheap Food - cheap and tasty although if you want breakfast you need to book 2 days in advance, same if you want the dinner 'set menu'. Found this strange. Shuttle bus - 1 minibus which has 2 transfers in morning and 2 in afternoon to station. Good if you manage to get on it ..... worth booking in advance as taxi is 1500 yen (£10). Onsen was good. Laundry facilities good. Most people choose to wear their yukata to during the stay. My 5 year old loved this. Plenty of kids sized ones and kids slippers available. Toilet, fridge and sink in room. Quiet location. Trains to station quite frequent. Shared showers clean. Following not so much but no big issue: Restaurant : last orders 7.30 - no breakfast available unless you book 2 days in advance. Taxi to get from station expensive especially if you have to do this a few times during visit. No housekeeping during 3 night stay. You put your own beds out. I'd stay again as overall really enjoyed it. We managed to tour Hakone and Five Lakes area plus Kamakura from here.

avatarAndrew F
We enjoyed our time here.
The baths were very nice. It was exactly what we had expected. The young man who attended to us, was excellent, he went out of his way to make sure we were happy. The setting was beautiful. We enjoyed our relaxing time here.

Nice setting, middle of nowhere, terrible food!
Service was nice enough and the baths were pleasant. Nice and quiet. However, food was pretty awful, tasted like microwave 7/11 food. It's in the middle of nowhere too, with a fairly scary drive up! I wouldn't go again.

Loved it, would definitely stay here again
This is a great ryokan for tourists who want a modern ryokan experience with a personal touch. The ryokan has a shuttle service, which is great since it's so far into the mountains (personally, we took a taxi since we arrived so late at night). English speaking clerks were able to get us checked in late at night, which we were very grateful for! Even if language is a barrier, the hotel has written instructions and information on the resort in English. Info on the town is only available in Japanese, so use a trip site like TripAdvisor first to plan your activities. Breakfast is served in the Gensen Cafe with your choice of American or Japanese breakfast (for a charge). The Cafe overlooks the mountains, which was lovely. Our room was beautiful! I requested a specific room, which we received. The room consisted of a foyer area, tiny bathroom (toilet and tiny, older sink only), futon area room, and second room for entertaining, plus vanity area, and balcony. It was probably the cleanest of all the places we stayed, and definitely smelled like fresh tatami mats. While there, we took advantage of the private shower closets and split onsen. I appreciated the AC in the ladies room, which kept it cool even amid the high heat of the day and the heat of the onsen water in the next room. The water was exceptionally hot, and someone came by to take the temperature while I was in (which I appreciated). I got a nice breeze from an open window while I enjoyed the hot water; really, it was wonderful. We also used the cosplay room (free if you post on social media with their hashtags), but didn't see any other "traditional" Japanese activities during the time we were there. Some options, like calligraphy, were available upon request. We were welcome to pick out our own yukata (I believe men have other options besides yukata as well). Unlike most ryokan, you lay out your own futon. I'm fine with that as it gives you more privacy. Others may want a more "authentic" ryokan experience, though. Yugawara is a beautiful onsen town, tucked into a subtropical mountainside. Clouds hung around the mountain during our whole stay, which we got a great view of from the Cafe. Other restaurants, onsen, and fun all within walking distance (including the foot bath park, an Italian restaurant, other onsen, a bakery, and tanuki everything). This is a great hotel at which to relax and feel tucked away from the world.

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