Founded in the 12th Century, Tocen Goshobo is a traditional Japanese inn that was beloved by significant Japanese figures.

It is the oldest hot-spring ryokan in its area and is near the Taki River, where it displays its outdoor hot-spring baths and traditional cuisine.

It has a total of 20 rooms that are based on traditional Japanese design, which cost around 20,000 to 60,000 JPY per night, including complete tatami mat flooring and futon beds.

The inn also features a sitting area where guests can relax and feel the calm atmosphere that surrounds the ryokan paired with a drink of green tea. Aside from this type of relaxation, guests are invited to try its hot spring baths, which bring relief to the body. Activities like hiking can also be done in the area of the inn.

Tocen Goshobo welcomes guests even during the pandemic, providing they adhere to policies and precautionary measures. Famous tourist attractions like the Zuihoji Park are accessible from the inn.

Guests coming from Kobe and Itami Airports can take rides to get to the ryokan.

  • Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website - Pinned on : Jan 19, 2021
  • Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website - Pinned on : Jan 19, 2021
  • Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website - Pinned on : Jan 19, 2021
  • Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website - Pinned on : Jan 19, 2021
  • Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website
    Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo | Official Website - Pinned on : Jan 19, 2021

Traditional ryokan – historical architecture

An inn that has been in business for over eight hundred years.

Japanese ryokan food, dinner and breakfast – a ryokan providing local foodstuff

Dishes made with locally-produced Japanese beef, seasonal Tea ceremony dishes, Kaiseki Japanese traditional multi-course, of Kyoto, and more.

A ryokan particularly good for health and beauty

Guests can enjoy bathing in a brown-colored hot spring (“gold spring”) bath.

Top hot spring resort – Arima, Osaka Kobe suburbs

One of Japan’s oldest hot springs, and one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan. The “Nihon Shoki” (a collection of ancient myth) it was recorded to have been discovered by two deities. Many past Emperors of Japan have visited here since some 1,500 years ago. The hot spring combines a plentiful amount of components, and is rare even on the worldwide scale.

Number of rooms

20 rooms.

*A private open air-bath overlooking a Japanese garden from a Japanese structure for those staying at Tenraku (Deluxe), not hot spring water.
*No elevators or escalators.


Rooms with open-air baths

Onsen Area

Are there additional rental options?
With open-air tubs 0 With indoor tubs 2 With both indoor and outdoor tubs 0 Price 3,200 – 4,200 yen / 50 minutes How to book Reserve upon check-in, Reserve in advance

In or near

Price range (yen)
20,000 – 60,000

The price includes one dinner and one breakfast

Tocen Goshoboh

Total rating: 4.5
Onsen Seeping with Tradition
We decided to book this onsen hotel based the rating given. The Hotel is located right next to the Arima bus terminal. We can access the arima onsen region either from Kyoto or from Osaka via Hankyu express bus. Once you step into the hotel, you step into history. The hotel does not have a lift, and access to your room is by stairs. All our luggage were sent out to our respective rooms by them. You need to take off your shoes before entering the hotel. Slippers would be provided for you. You would realise that time has stopped at its hotel doorstep. As we were there during weekends, there were street performances across the street. We booked a room with garden view. Both rooms share a nice garden. The onsen for the sexes is divided by a low wall. The onsen is refreshing and intimate. It has a boutique feel to the hotel. Both our breakfast were a fine dining experience with produces from neighbouring areas. This also applied to our dinner on the second night. Most cafes in the arima onsen are closed by 5 pm. Having a late dinner is quite difficult if we are travelling with oldies and teenagers. We may need to patronise the 7-11 for a quick bites. Lunch is not an issue.

avatarMr Li
Wonderful place!
It’s my first time in a roykan and this place was wonderful! If you take the Hankyu bus, the terminal is literally 10 steps from this hotel. We came from Osaka and had two large suitcases, everyone around us had a small weekend duffle (which I’ll tell you later). You are greeted with a lot of staff and rows of grey slippers lined up perfectly straight. When you check in, they make you pay ¥300 for “bathing tax.” Our room was on the 3rd floor, it had a western style reading area with a Japanese style living room area, which will be converted into a sleeping area while you have your dinner. The hotel provided you with your Japanese style robes, socks and towels. We went to the onsen before dinner. And after the onsen, we changed back to our normal clothes. We went to the front desk and we changed from the grey slippers to black slippers. When we got to the dinner room, everyone was wearing in their robes, perhaps that’s why everyone packed light, the hotel provided everything for you! For breakfast we worn our robes haha. Both the dinner and breakfast were excellent. Such an amazing experience!

Old fashion and comfortable with a great hot spring
I have made a goal of visiting many of the famous onsen towns in Japan. This year, I decided to visit Arima Onsen. I started looking for a traditional ryokan to stay at. Tocen Goshoboh has a long history and is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) traditional onsen in Arima. Reading the other reviews, I felt that it would offer a great experience. Tocen Goshoboh has a convenient location that is close to everything that you would be interested in doing at Arima. It is located very close to the bus station and just a short 5 to 10 minute walk from the train station. Arima is hilly and most of the hotels and ryokans are uphill from the train station. Tocen Goshoboh is one of the closest and you won't have to walk far with your luggage. You can also arrange to be picked up or dropped off at the train station in advance. My wife and I arrive too early to check in but they were happy to hold our luggage so that we can explore the town. The staff was extremely polite and helpful from the moment we entered the check-in area. They are strict about check-in time but you can easily spend a few hours exploring the town of Arima. When we returned, our room was ready and our luggage was already brought into our room. I booked the private onsen at an additional cost and also time in their private garden (Shihoan) which has a bath but isn't hot spring. The check-in was fast and they were able to communicate in English. When we got to our room, we saw instructions in English for Tocen Goshoboh that describes everything you would need to know. The room that I got was a Tenraku room which was very traditional and roomy. Since all the Tenraku rooms were in the oldest part of the building, it did have a slight smell in the beginning. However, the room was clean and well appointed. There is a free drink and cake service around 5:00 pm in the library. This was also a very nice touch. The private onsen that we booked was actually not in Tocen Goshoboh but actually a 10 minute walk away. The front desk will give you a key and a map on how to find the building. Once you get there, you will have the option of both a gold and silver hot spring. It does cost extra but you get the hot spring to yourself and you don't have to be segregated. The hot spring at Tocen Goshoboh was very good and unique in that the wall separating the men and women actually ends at a certain point. This actually allowed my wife and I to have a conversation while sitting in the hot spring. I felt that this was very unique and made it more enjoyable. We had the half board option which included both dinner and breakfast. Both meals were great and had a big variety. You wouldn't be leaving either meal hungry. I have stayed at quite a few ryokan and Tocen Goshoboh's meals were just as good and you do get to taste Kobe beef (Tajima) if you opt for it. Overall, the service, the traditional feel of the building, and the incredible hot springs would make me stay at Tocen Goshoboh again!

expensive, old, cockroach found on level1
Good: close to public transport, easy access, nice staff Bad: It's an old building, so i was not surprised about the mould/old smell especially on L2. But was shocked when we found a big cockroach wandering around L1 corridor. Hygine is really important to me. For the price we paid, would not recommend to anyone.

avatarErinn Liebhard
Traditional Japanese Hospitality!
The staff were friendly, responsive and clearly took a lot of care and pride in their work. It felt like an honor to stay there! We really enjoyed putting on our yukata and really experiencing this property as our reason for being in Arima Onsen. Their onsen facility is beautiful, the room was comfortable and the food was awesome! We really felt like we got a taste of traditional Japanese hospitality.

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