Tokyo Museums: The Best of the Best 2024

Guests are taking a closer look at the exhibits of Samurai Museum Tokyo Guests are taking a closer look at the exhibits of Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo

Tokyo, the bustling capital of Japan, is a city where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with modern innovation. One of the best ways to experience this captivating blend is by visiting Tokyo's diverse range of museums. From art and history to technology and pop culture, Tokyo has a museum for everyone. In this blog post, we'll take you on a virtual tour of some of the most remarkable museums in Tokyo.

Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo Exhibits and a Tour Guide Giving a History Tour in English, January 2024

Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo (BEST RATED MUSEUM IN TOKYO)

Located in the heart of Asakusa, the cultural centre of Tokyo, this is the best rated museum in Tokyo based on both Google Maps and Tripadvisor reviews. Samurai Museum: You can step into the world of feudal Japan and discover the hidden screts of both Samurai and Ninja.  This unique museum offers a close look at samurai armor, weapons, and history. You can even try on traditional samurai attire and learn about the code of bushido, the way of the samurai. This is also the only musuem that provides free museum tours in English every 30 minutes.


tokyo national museum Tokyo National Museum Exhibits

Tokyo National Museum

Situated in Ueno Park, the Tokyo National Museum is Japan's oldest and largest museum. It boasts an extensive collection of traditional Japanese art and artifacts, including samurai armor, ceramics, and exquisite scrolls. Visitors can gain a profound understanding of Japan's rich cultural heritage and history by exploring the museum's six separate galleries.

Edo Museum Tokyo Exhibits Edo Museum Tokyo Exhibits


To delve into Tokyo's fascinating history, head to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. This museum uses innovative displays to transport visitors back in time, exploring the evolution of Tokyo from a small fishing village to a global metropolis. Life-sized reconstructions and interactive exhibits make the journey through time engaging and educational.


Mori Art Museum Exhibits Mori Art Museum Exhibits

Mori Art Museum

Perched atop the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, the Mori Art Museum offers not only world-class contemporary art but also breathtaking panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline. The museum's exhibitions often feature cutting-edge works by both Japanese and international artists, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts. Picture taking inside the museum is limited.

Ghibuli Museum Ghibli Museum exterior. Guests are NOT allowed to take photos or videos inside.


For fans of Studio Ghibli's enchanting animated films, the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka is a dream come true. This whimsical museum captures the magic and creativity of Studio Ghibli's works through its imaginative architecture and enchanting exhibits. Be sure to book your tickets in advance as they are limited and sell out quickly!

Teamla borderless 2023 Teamlab Borderless Exhibits 2023


Blurring the lines between art and technology, teamLab Borderless in Odaiba is an immersive digital art museum that promises a mind-bending experience. Here, visitors can interact with stunning digital installations that respond to touch, movement, and sound, creating a mesmerizing journey through the digital realm.

Teien Art Museum Tokyo Teien Art Museum Tokyo 2024

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Housed in a beautiful art deco mansion surrounded by lush gardens, the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum is a hidden gem. It features rotating exhibitions of Western and Japanese art in a unique and elegant setting. The combination of art and architecture here is truly a treat for the senses.


Tokyo's museums are a testament to the city's diverse and rich cultural tapestry. Whether you're an art aficionado, history buff, or tech enthusiast, you'll find something to captivate your imagination in this vibrant metropolis. So, the next time you visit Tokyo, make sure to set aside time to explore these fascinating museums and immerse yourself in the essence of Japan's past, present, and future.