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What to Bring to Japan. Preparation for a trip to Japan Furoshiki
You may need to bring the following items to Japan in order to enjoy your trip more.
1- JR Rail Pass. You can only purchase the JR Pass outside of Japan. Once you arrive in Japan, it is already too late. If you have the JR pass, you can ride the Japan Railway Trains, including the Shinkansen bullet train, for an unlimited time. Read more…
Japan Attractions What to See, What to Do in Japan. 100 Must-see Places in Japan
100 Things to do in Japan. What to see in Japan. Where to go in Japan.
Japan has 47 amazing prefectures. Let’s discover some famous spots. Everyone does not know some places on the list. Read more…
Basic Japanese phrases for travelersBasic Japanese Phrases for Travelers
The audio and video for Basic Japanese Phrases for Holiday Travelers to Japan are provided at the end of this post. Read more…
Hannya Japanese Symbols and Meanings in Japan
What does this mean? Symbols, meanings, emblems and shapes in Japan.
Symbols and Meanings in Japan read more…

Meguro RiverSurprising things about Japan: Japanese Shinto religion is associated with cleanliness. Japanese people want everything to be pure and clean. There is also social conformation. Japanese people don’t want to be known as dirty. Many public employees take care of street cleaning. Many volunteer organizations take care of cleaning. Read more…

Travel safety tips in Japan: Is Japan safe to travel?
Yes, Japan is safe to travel. Japan has the lowest homicide rate in the world. Japanese cities are chosen as the safest in the world. The nuclear leak has been controlled. Read more…
Gion Geisha Walking tour Map by Maikoya

Gion Geisha Walking tour Map by Maikoya

 Transportation in Japan, Japan Transportation Map

-Japan has the world’s best train transportation system; you will be mostly travelling by local trains or the bullet train (shinkansen).
-Please get a JR Pass before arriving in Japan. You cannot get a JRPASS in Japan. It costs around $300 for one week. If you have the JRPASS, you can ride any JR train and the fast bullet train for free. Please remember that JRPASS cannot be used for subways. Read more…

Japanese Tea Ceremony etiquette Etiquette in Japan, Moral behaviour rules in Japan, Manners
What are moral behaviour rules in Japan? What are the manners in Japan?
-If the floor is tatami, please take your shoes off. Please also do not walk inside any house by wearing shoes.
-After taking your shoes off, please put your shoes on the floor in the direction that faces the exit. Read more…
 Signs in Japan for Travelers
Japanese signs for travellers read more…

source: Shimokitazawa

Shopping in Japan, Japan Shopping Information, Tips
How to do shopping in Japan?
Shopping in Japan is very convenient, but there are some differences compared to other countries.
Is shopping cheap in Japan? Read more…

geisha performance kyotoUnique Kyoto Experiences Kyoto offers unique experiences due to its rich cultural heritage, where traditional Japanese customs and architecture are well-preserved, allowing visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves in the elegance of ancient Japan. The city’s enchanting gardens, historic temples, and geisha districts provide opportunities to connect with the country’s traditional way of life. Read more…
Unique Tokyo Experiences Tokyo offers unique experiences thanks to its dynamic blend of modernity and tradition, where visitors can explore high-tech neighborhoods like Akihabara and Shibuya and then seamlessly transition into historic districts like Asakusa, where ancient temples and traditions are still vibrant. Read more
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