The difference between Temple and Shrine (Tera vs. Jinja)

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Differences between “temple” and “shrine” Temple (Tera) Shrine (Jinja)
Religion Buddhism Shintoism
Name Temple, Tera - ….JI Shrine, Jinja - Taisha
Philosophy Awakening by following Buddha. Arrived from China in 538. Worshipping the nature, worshipping the ancestors. Japan’s own religion. Many gods, many deities, the nature is a god, purity is important. Started with the emperor Gimmu in 600 BC.
Pagoda YES NO
Gate (To-ri, T shaped poles) NO YES
Statues Buddha Animals (Fox, dog, cow, etc.)
Common colors Darker colors, brown, gold Orange and white
Temizuya (water and ladles) NO YES
Priests Monk (Bald, black clothes, round bamboo hat). Bouzu. Kannushi (light color clothes, tall black hat)
Common Ceremony Funeral Marriage
Cemetery YES NO
Incense Burner YES NO
Bonsho (Huge bell) YES NO
Zen garden YES NO
Rice straws and papers NO YES
Sake Barrels NO YES
Ringing and clapping before praying NO YES
Orange Color lanterns NO YES
Protective demons at the gate (Raijin-fujin) YES NO
Elevated Basements MOSTLY NO YES
Swastika sign YES NO