How to do shopping in Japan?

Shopping in Japan is very convenient but there are some differences compared to other countries.

Is shopping cheap in Japan?
Shopping in Japan is neither cheap nor expensive. Generally speaking, Electronics, shoes and branded goods are more expensive in Japan (Compared to the USA). Anime goods, Japanese souvenirs tend to be cheap. Just like any other country, There are very cheap shops (Example: Daiso. Each item is $1) and very expensive department stores (Takashimaya, Daimaru).

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What should I know about shopping in Japan?

-Shops usually start operations at 11:00 AM. If you go to a store at 10:00, you need to wait for 1 hour.

-Department stores close at 6 pm. Nishiki Market closes at 6 pm.

-There are not many foreign-exchange centres. Please exchange your money at the airport or at the bank. Banks close at 3 pm.

-Many shops prefer cash. Credit card cannot be used everywhere. There are ATM at every convenience store.

-Shop staff do not speak English (They may understand you, if you write on paper in English). Use short sentences, speak very slowly.

-Supermarkets don’t allow customers to open the packages of snacks inside the store (even after you pay).

-There are no trash bins in public areas.

-If the floor is tatami, you must take your shoes off.

-Returning and refunding purchases is difficult. You must have a receipt if you want to return a product. If you open the package, you cannot return the product.

TOMORROWLAND Ginza Store (トゥモローランド銀座店)

If you want to buy branded goods, search for this. This will show you the nearest outlet mall.

If you want to buy cheap souvenirs, search for Daiso . Daiso is a $1 shop where each souvenir costs only 1 dollar.

If you want to buy electronics, search for “Yodabashi Camera”. Yodobashi camera is the largest electronic shop with many branches all around Japan.

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