According to Myō-ei Shonin of Toga-no-o who received tea seeds from Eisai Shonin and planted them in Toga-no-o in the early 1500s, and who practiced the early form of the traditional tea ceremony, here are the 10 benefits of tea:

  1. Has the blessing of all the Deities.
  2. Wards off disease. (the water-drinking disease, the want of appetite disease, paralysis, boils and beri-beri)
  3. Promotes filial piety.
  4. Strengthens friendships.
  5. Drives away the Devil.
  6. Disciplines body and mind.
  7. Banishes drowsiness.
  8. Destroys the passions.
  9. Keeps the Five Viscera in harmony.
  10. Gives a peaceful death.
Sadler,A. L.. Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony

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