• Kenrokuen Garden:

Kenrokuen Garden in located in Ishikawa prefecture. It is classified as one of Japan’s three most beautiful Landscape gardens. It used to be the outer Garden to the Kanazawa Castle. This Garden was constructed over a period of two centuries by the Maeda family, and was opened for public access in 1871.

Kenroku-en (兼六園), the Six Attributes Japanese Zen Garden in Kanazawa (金沢) Japan


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  • Choushukaku in Yokohama

Choushukaku is a teahouse located in Sankei-en garden, although it was in Kyoto. It was originally built for Tokugawa Iemitsu by Sakuma Sougen on the grounds of Nijo castle. After several relocations, it managed to find its way to what is now known as Yokohama. Teahouse standing in remote, quiet area, where you can find peace and privacy.

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