Samurai Sword Training in Tokyo (PRIVATE EXPERIENCE)

Our PRIVATE Samurai Sword Training offers an intensive crash course, providing in-depth training with an introduction to the Iaido techniques. The price per person (8500 JPY) applies when you have a group of 6 or more people in your party. If you are traveling alone or as a couple, the total cost to book this private sword lesson is 66000 JPY.

Note: If this experience is sold out or out of your budget, you may want to consider the samurai sword cutting experience with a real sword or our other group sword experiences.


Once you are ready, you will be provided with a hakama, a traditional uniform for samurai training, and your sword lessons will commence. An experienced swordmaster will lead the lesson.



The class will start with the basics of the katana or samurai sword and will cover the basic sword skills as part of introductory Iaido training. The lesson will be explained in English or Japanese, depending on your preference.



The Tokyo Samurai Museum with Experience is a unique, experience-based museum that provides an immersive encounter with history.


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Samurai Sword Training for Adults

Lasts approximately 120 minutes.

All of these activities are included in this package without additional fees.

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Wear traditional clothes of the Samurai

During the Samurai Experience, you will wear the traditional attire of the samurai, including the Hakama, Samurai Pants, and a kimono-style top. Once you are dressed in the authentic garments of the samurai, the lesson can commence.


Remember to capture moments from your experience by taking pictures!

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Learn traditional movements with the sword

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The Samurai master will teach you on the proper techniques of wearing and drawing the sword, guide you through the art of cutting, and lead you in performing a traditional Kata. A Kata is a sequence of multiple sword movements done in succession. Although this experience lasts approximately thirty minutes, the title of Samurai that you earn will last a lifetime.

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What happens during the sword lesson?

The Tokyo sword lesson will be taught by a master who will guide you through the fundamentals of a samurai sword, as part of an introductory Iaido Training.

You will receive instructions and guidance on the following:
  1. Samurai sword stance or how to stand like a samurai
  2. Properly drawing the katana sword from the sheath
  3. How to hold and slash with the katana
  4. Properly sheathing the katana

The sword or katana used for this lesson will be a model sword with no edge.

Kyoto Samurai experience with a sword
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Samurai armor trial

samurai costume

You will also have the opportunity to attire yourself in the fashion of a samurai family. Put on samurai armor for memorable souvenir pictures. Our armors are available in unisex styles and various sizes suitable for everyone, including children! Additionally, you'll have the chance to choose from a selection of diverse replica swords.

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samurai ninja museum tour

Enjoy an interactive tour where you'll delve into trivia and captivating facts about Japanese history and culture. Explore the samurai and ninja exhibits with our knowledgeable guide, who will provide insights into the displays, covering everything from technical aspects to the fascinating stories embedded in the past lives of these items. Feel free to pose any questions you may have about the displays and gain insights into the histories of samurais and ninjas, including their origins.

The tours are available in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
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Ninja star throw competition

ninja star - shuriken
Learn how to throw ninja stars. After gaining some practice, it's time to participate in the renowned Ninja competition. Put your targeting skills to the test with enjoyable activities such as throwing a shuriken! Engage in a friendly competition with your friends and family during the training session.
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Samurai Sword Show Demonstration (Held irregularly)

kyoto samurai show

Catch a sword demonstration show presented by a sword master with samurai lineage! Immerse yourself in the graceful and deadly dance performed by the samurai during battles and practices. Additionally, enjoy a recreational performance that portrays a fight scene involving samurais and ninjas.


REGULAR PRICE (Varies based on the group size)

¥8,500 (+tax)

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This is a private experience. We have a separate workshop tailored for families with children, Samurai Sword Experience for Kids and Families.

Need to cancel or reschedule?

You don’t have to worry if you need to cancel or postpone your appointment with us. Changing your mind is as quick and easy as making a reservation so there’s no need to permanently commit to your schedule! Our excellent staff will be sure to accommodate any last-minute changes.

What is the Iaido technique?

Iaido is a martial art that focuses on perfecting the movements of drawing, wielding, and sheathing the katana. This technique focuses more on drawing techniques that will have you move with a smooth and efficient motion, typically direct into a cutting technique.


Iaido training does not focus on sword fighting, since there is not much use of that in today's society. The techniques for this lesson are treated more like a dance rather than a combat stance. Most movements will be taught with a slow movement and in repetition to build up your strength until you can move normally in the graceful sword dance.

Kyoto samurai experience

The Samurai Experience

The samurais may have disappeared or integrated into the modern age of Japan, but their legacy lives on. Explore their legendary tales through guided tours led by our knowledgeable staff at the museum. Gain insight into the life of one of the most prestigious ruling classes of old Japan. Embrace the honor of the samurai as you learn the art of holding and sheathing a katana, akin to the samurais and their two swords—one for the adversary and one for their honorable retribution.


You will be trying out a lightweight replica armor! Designed to be easily worn by kids and every member of the family, these armors are adjustable and cater to multiple sizes. Additionally, you'll be adorning a metal samurai helmet and wielding a model katana sword as part of the immersive experience.


This experience is the perfect opportunity to take pictures to take home as a souvenir from your trip.


Ensure you don't miss the incredible performance by a swordmaster with lineage from a samurai clan! Immerse yourself in the graceful and lethal dance executed by the samurai during battles and practices. Additionally, witness a recreational performance portraying a fight scene involving both samurais and ninjas.

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The Ninja Experience

Step into the exhilarating world of the enigmatic covert agents of medieval Japan! Ninjas, renowned for their intimidating and formidable presence from the Sengoku Period, also known as the Warring States Period, to the Edo Period, is brought to life. While the traditions and practices of the ninjas may no longer thrive in their glory days, the  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM ensures that the history is preserved and celebrated.


Just like in the movies, our ninja experience allows you to try your hand at the renowned ninja stars, also known as shuriken. These small hand blades are designed for throwing, and rest assured, our ninja stars are perfectly safe.


The next segment of your experience involves using the ninja blowgun, also known as the fukiya, or commonly referred to as blow darts! Engage in a friendly competition within your group during a target practice game as well.

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About the Samurai & Ninja tour

Explore our collection of ancient artifacts and historical samurai swords and ninja weapons from feudal Japan. Get up close to examine the intricate details of uncanny replicas inspired by the Sengoku Period up to the Tokugawa Shogunate.

samurai armor exhibits

The  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM stands as Japan's largest experimental museum, providing distinctive encounters that allow you to navigate through medieval exhibits adorned in a kimono, yukata, or samurai armor—a fitting ensemble for the historical era you'll be exploring. Beyond this, the museum offers authentic Japanese tea ceremonies and Zen meditation workshops tailored for individuals and groups. The  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM tour is available throughout the year in both English and Japanese.

The actual ninjas of old Japan may have disappeared in today's society but the stories and legends of their deeds live on. Immerse yourself in the experience of what it was like for these covert agents through tours guided by our knowledgeable staff at the  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM!
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Every room and exhibit at the TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM is crafted in the style of the Sengoku Period, also recognized as the Warring States Period in Japan. This historical era marked a time when the samurai wielded significant influence over the country's politics, eventually leading to the reunification of Japan. Embarking on an adventure with us will metamorphose you, your friends, and your family into modern interpretations of the legendary warriors of ancient times.


The Samurai & Ninja Tokyo also organizes activities beyond the museum upon request. All you need to do is contact us so we can arrange for our affiliated dojos! Don't forget to check out the museum gift shop for a souvenir. There are also antique samurai swords and armor for sale if you're an avid collector, along with ninja tabi-socks.



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A Brief History of the Samurai

The samurai, renowned as the premier warriors of their time, continue to be celebrated in stories that circulate to this day, remaining one of the most enduring and popular aspects of Japanese history and culture. Renowned for their courage, military tactical expertise, and adherence to the "Bushido" or code of honor, these warriors left an indelible mark on Japan's rich historical tapestry.


The samurai class rose to power around the 11th century, leading to the feudal age of Japan. They held control over the country and the Imperial court as one of the most powerful and intimidating classes until the abolishment of the feudal system in 1868. Since then, the samurai culture has greatly influenced modern Japanese society, with ideals of honor, respect, and loyalty deeply ingrained into ordinary everyday lives.


The samurai were recognized for their mastery of a range of weapons, from bows and arrows to swords. Among their arsenal, the katana stands out as one of the most iconic. Renowned for its unparalleled quality, the katana was considered the deadliest and most efficient weapon in battle. Despite the evolution of weapons over time, the samurai maintained a close connection with the katana, believing it held the soul of its wielder. Additionally, they carried a short sword or knife known as a tachi. Wearing a combination of a katana and a tachi was termed daisho, becoming a hallmark of the samurai. The two swords symbolized the samurai's path: the katana represented the pursuit of a righteous battle, while the tachi served as a reminder of personal honor.


As the samurai class dissolved into modern society, their legacy persisted through generations, contributing to the creation of some of the most successful Japanese companies and industries. . Tactical skills were applied to managerial positions, and practical skills directly influenced the high-quality manufactured goods in the country. One of the most notable products is the unrivaled Japanese knife, which applied the same techniques and methods as when the katanas were made.






Will a hakama be provided? What is a hakama?

This package includes wearing a hakama, which is a traditional samurai uniform used during training.

What is the difference between the basic ticket and the samurai sword training?

This package has an additional lesson consisting of Iaido training in addition to our basic tour and experience package. The workshop will be taught by a samurai swordmaster.

What is Iaido training?

Iaido is a non-contact martial art. This lesson will teach you how to move gracefully with the samurai sword or katana.

Can I bring my child to the lesson?

The Samurai Sword lesson for Adults is designed for adults. You can bring your child, provided that they do not disrupt the lesson, but they will not be able to participate. If you would like to sign up your child for a workshop, please take a look at our kids experiences on our events page.

Are real katanas or samurai swords going to be used?

No. Real katanas are only used for the tameshigiri, which is a separate workshop.


Our museum is open with tours available every day from 10:30 am to 8 pm.

Are the exhibits real artifacts?

Each item in the museum has been authenticated and is maintained well for your viewing pleasure. The items used for the experiences, however, are models and duplicates to ensure the safety of our guests and the artifacts in our collection. Our tameshigiri lesson is the only package that uses real katanas.

Will the tours, activities, and lessons be in English?

Yes! Our museum staff is fluent in English. All the tours, lessons, and activities are in English as well as Chinese and Japanese depending on your preference.

Can I buy a real sword like a katana?

Yes! We sell authenticated swords at our museum. You can talk to us during your visit or contact us online using the emails listed at the end of this page.

What is the best way to experience  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM?

We have a variety of tickets with experiences for you to choose from! Our basic ticket includes an overview tour of the exhibits along with some basic experiences. If you're more interested in samurai and swords, we would recommend this package since it also includes all the basics and additional lessons and experiences!

Do I need to book in advance?

We highly recommend booking this package before your trip especially during peak seasons to avoid waiting. Keep this in mind when you're traveling in early April and mid-November!

What do I need to bring for my samurai and ninja experience?

If you have a reservation for us, make sure you bring an ID or confirmation so we can book you in! Other than that, you don’t need to bring anything besides yourself and your group. Your costumes and props will be provided by us.

Do you have a souvenir shop?

Yes! You can buy memorabilia and other items from our shop to remind you of your trip to Japan and your time with us.

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SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO with Experience is one of the leading samurai museums in Japan, with a wide range of displays from all throughout Japan’s rich history. We are the only experience-based samurai museum that specializes in providing in-depth and immersive activities that provide our visitors with new perspectives on Japanese history. We have displays ranging from armors and weapons of the great samurai warriors and the mystical ninjas to everyday tools and artifacts from medieval and ancient Japan. Our souvenir gift shop features replica swords, tabi socks, and tabi shoes. We provide guided tours every day, lead by friendly staff who are fluent in English and Japanese. Join us as you explore the glorious history of the legendary samurais and the mysterious ninjas!

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