The Night Tour at The Samurai and Ninja Museum Kyoto (From Osaka)

  • Our museum / Dojo started and grew in Osaka near the Dotonbori area.
  • Recently we moved our museum from Osaka to Kyoto. We are currently #1 rated samurai and ninja museum in Japan.
  • We are  recently selected as one of the Top Travelers' Experiences 2019 by Tripadvisor.
  • We still have private ninja experience and kimono tea ceremony operations in the downtown Osaka area.
  • If you come from Osaka to Kyoto by train and show us this post, we will PAY FOR YOUR TRANSPORTATION FEE! Kyoto is less than 1 hour away from OSAKA and there are trains every 5 minutes.
  • Please see our packages and prices here
  • In our place in Osaka we still provide private ninja experience.
 PS: Online reservations only, public transportation only, for sword or ninja experiences only, mention in the "notes" when reserving that you'd be traveling from Osaka.

Guided Samurai Museum Tour
  • A knowledgeable tour guide will walk you through the rooms of the samurai museum and explain everything you wondered about the samurai in plain English. You will learn when the samurai emerged, what kind of weapons they used, what is their armor made of, what is their sword made of and etc..
  • The tour is well organized and fun.
  • This is the only museum that gives you a hands on samurai experience.
Armor Trial Experience
  • Your guide will lead you to a traditional Japanese room decorated by swords and armors.
  • In this room you will have a chance to put on a samurai helmet and a light samurai armor.
  • You will also get to hold and pose with a number of different kinds of replica swords.
  • This activity is included in the fee, there is no additional charge. You can take many instagramworthy photos.
Guided Samurai Museum Tour + Armor trial all included in your ticket. The tour and the whole samurai experience costs 2500 yen (about $20) and lasts about 90 minutes.


Samurai may have disappeared from modern Japan, but their spirit lives on Now you can experience that spirit and action. The samurai were the brave warriors and the ruling class of Japan for hundreds of years. One could only be born as a samurai and being a samurai was one of the most prestigious things in the Middle Ages of Japan. The samurai who were excellent swordsmen and war strategists valued one thing the most: honor. That’s why they always carried two swords, one for the enemy and one to remind themselves an honorable punishment.
At Maikoya we prepared a room to represent the “sengoku” period. The era when there were many wars in Japan and the samurai played the most important role to unify the country. We have different types of samurai armors and costumes that can transform you to a modern day samurai. You can enjoy this unique experience with the whole family as we will provide you with different sizes and styles of armor. For a short time travel, we will show you some basic samurai moves and how to sheath your sword the samurai way.


*Create fantastic memories of your trip to Japan

*Opportunities for taking photographs will be highlighted throughout

*Special experience of Japanese culture

*Enjoyable experience with children

*Learning about the history of Japanese culture

Learning about a country through cultural workshops and activities will give you a better understanding of our intricate history, valued social principals and holistic way of life. By learning about Japan and its people through activities lessons such as tea ceremony, kimono dressing, Japanese cooking and the life of a samurai, you will be immersed in different perspectives and approaches that are unique to this country. Maikoya offers you opportunities to understand this culture through local instructors and guides. There is no better way to learn about a new place from the viewpoints of those who grew up and live in this amazing country. What better way to spend a day than learning a traditional, beautiful new activity with a knowledgeable tutor in a picturesque setting? You wouldn’t find friendlier people to help you experience Japan in all its splendor.


The word samurai is Japanese, but people from all over the globe are familiar with the term. Universally associated with bravery, martial and military skills and above all else, honor, samurai were part of the military caste in feudal Japan. The samurai have been a part of the Japanese culture from the time of their rise to power around in the 11th century to 1868 when the government abolished the feudal system. The samurai were so admired for their dedication and adherence to the samurai code that ordinary Japanese citizens began to incorporate the ideals of respect, loyalty, and honor into everyday society. The weapons and armor changed over the years, but the samurai are closely connected to the traditional long sword called a katana. They also carried a short sword or knife known as a tachi. Wearing a katana and a tachi combination was called daisho. The daisho became the hallmark of the Samurai.  The two swords represented the path of the samurai. The katana was the symbol for fighting a righteous battle, and the daisho was a reminder of personal honor. The Samurai may not roam Japan anymore, but the spirit and dedication to the samurai code of ethics remains.

    Samurai and their code are familiar around the world.

    The Samurai code included bravery, loyalty, respect, and


•     Samurais were well skilled in battle and military maneuvers

    The spirit of the samurai lives on in Japan.

The Samurai Experience 

Maikoya Osaka located in the heart of Osaka offers a wide assortment of authentic Japanese traditional activities and events held at the cultural center.  Maikoya has created a special opportunity for visitors to step back in time and experience being a samurai. You will learn about the samurai, how they dressed for battle, the armor they wore and the weapons they used. A unique room has been prepared to simulate the Sengoku period, a time of war and military campaigns when the Samurai helped unite the country. Maikoya provides everything you need for the Samurai Experience You can choose the type of Samurai experience you want most. You can be a samurai warrior and pick your armor from different time periods and purposes. The Samurai experience is available to the entire family. Children (6 years old and up please) love to dress up as a samurai in an authentic costume. Learn a few fighting moves and how to properly sheath your samurai sword. You can be a Japanese princess dressed in a beautiful kimono while a loyal samurai in traditional dress accompanies you. The guests choose from different outfits and accessories. Photo opportunities are available throughout the Samurai Experience. Do not miss the Samurai Mini-Museum with armor, swords and other pieces from history. Visit the Maikoya Osaka and become a modern day samurai.

    Children love the Samurai experience

    Activities the entire family can enjoy

    Authentic Samurai costumes and accessories

    Photos help you remember your adventure, and you can

     share the fun with friends and family

Samurai in Osaka (full metal armor)

Maikoya Osaka

Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya is a leading cultural experience provider in Japan and the only tea ceremony experience that has received TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020.
Learning about the traditions and practices of the country through our immersive cultural workshops and activities will surely give you a new perspective about the intricacies of the history and society in Japan.
Join us at Maikoya Osaka as we guide you through Japan's traditional arts and history! Our friendly staff and hosts are fluent in English, and Japanese and will make sure you have the best experiences and opportunities.

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