Ihoan tea hut in Kyoto

Ihoan tea hut

Ihoan tea hut is located near the edge of central Kyoto. It is located inside Kodaiji Temple. It was designed by Kobori Enshu, who was an architect and master Zen gardener. Ihoan tea hut is also known as the “Cottage of ingering Fragrance” and is a representative of Kodaiji temple’s tea ceremony architecture.

Kodaiji Temple Ihoan tea hut at Kodaiji Temple, Christian Kaden

Ihoan tea hut was the favorite tea ceremony room of a wealthy merchant named Haiya Shoeki, and a famous dancer named Yoshino Dayu. Sadly you are not able to go inside but you can see the exterior of the building from 9 am to 5 pm every day Ihoan tea hut is usually closed for public visits.


Ihoan website:   traditionalkyoto.com


Ihoan location and hours


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