Tea room is the place to enjoy tea.

Tea room

Tea room

Tea room

設備の名称 Tearoom fittings

  1.  床の間Tokonoma Alcove

  2. 床柱Tokobashira Main pillar

  3. 点前座Temaeza Host’s spot

  4. 畳Tatami Reed mat

  5. 炉Ro Sunken hearth



床の間 Tokonoma

Alcove On display in the 床の間 will be a 軸 that suggests the theme of the Tea ceremony along with seasonal flowers.


①軸Jiku Calligraphy

②花Hana Flowers

③香合Kogo Incense container


炉 Ro

Sunken hearth is made by cutting a section out of the tatami floorused from November to April




Brazier is the brazier used from May to October



茶室の種類Tea serving styles

Tea serving styles


四畳半Yojyohan Basic Tea room (4.5tatami mat room )
小間Koma Small room anything smaller than 四畳半
広間HiromaLarge room anything larger than 四畳


The name of each Tatami (四畳半)

貴人畳・・・front of 床の間



点前畳・・・where the host prepared tea for the gueasts
炉畳・・・where the 炉 is
客畳・・・where the guests are steated
踏込畳・・・for entrance way



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