The Best Origami Experiences in Kyoto

What is origami, and where are the best experiences in Kyoto? The Japanese word origami literally means paper folding. Ori is the word for folding and Kami means paper. Origami is a Japanese tradition that looks incredibly complicated. The good news is, with a little practice you can learn origami in Kyoto.

Kyoto is home to some of the best origami experiences in Japan. If you are willing to dedicate a few hours of your vacation. You will find an origami workshop that will have you making intricate paper animals in no time.


Maikoya Origami Experience Kyoto

Maikoya Experience Kyoto Maikoya Experience Kyoto

The best way to begin your origami journey is by making a crane. The crane is said to bring good luck and peace. Fortunately, this is the most simple creation for anyone new to origami.

Using beautifully colored rice paper, you will learn how to fold intricate creations. Everything is done by hand, without cutting or tearing the paper. Some origami masters dedicate their entire lives to making art by paper. This is a relaxing and spiritual experience.

Maikoya offers the best and most affordable origami experience in Kyoto. The instructors at Maikoya are masters of origami. You will get a dedicated teacher who will help you master the basics of origami.
The best thing about taking an origami class at Maikoya is the fact you can combine your origami class with a traditional tea ceremony and a chance to wear a kimono.
Maikoya Experience Kyoto 5 Star Rated Maikoya Experience Kyoto 5 Star Rated

At Maikoya you can enjoy some of the best traditions in Japan. Maikoya offers many experiences, including origami. They have been rated a five-star attraction by Trip Advisor.

Japan is an incredible country, rich in culture and full of traditions. Many Japanese activities promote spiritual awareness and inner peace, origami is one such activity.

Once you learn the basics and dedicate a little time each day, you can begin to find inner peace and create beautiful artistic creations.

Maikoya Origami Experience Maikoya Origami Experience

Your journey into the world of origami can begin at Maikoya. Where you can dress in a traditional kimono and enjoy a traditional tea ceremony as you start to practice the ancient art of origami.


Kyoto Handicraft Center

Kyoto Handicraft Center Kyoto Handicraft Center,

As the name suggests, the Kyoto Handicraft Centre is a central hub for craft supplies. It also offers various classes delivered by expert teachers.

Kyoto Handicraft is dedicated to local artists and local materials. They aim to provide a peaceful and creative space for purchasing materials and learning handicrafts.

Many of the materials stocked are unique to Kyoto. Many of the instructors are residents of the city. This gives the Handicraft Center a local feel.

Many of the origami teachers speak a good level of English, and you will find various classes to meet your level of expertise. If you are new to origami, don’t worry. The expert teachers will have you folding basic creations in no time.


WAK Japan Origami Experience

WAK Japan WAK Japan,

Specializing in authentic cultural experiences WAK Japan will keep you entertained for days. They offer every experience you can imagine. Acting as a cultural hub, WAK Japan is a place to relax and take an origami lesson.

You will meet expert instructors and cultural enthusiasts, who will have you creating paper animals and artistic creations in no time. The teachers are patient and give a feeling of tranquillity, that will help you learn the art of origami.

A visit to WAK Japan is the perfect excuse to emerge yourself in Japanese culture. You can dress in a kimono, take a tea ceremony, and practice your calligraphy, before joining your origami class.