Kurokawa Onsen

The main street of Kurokawa Onsen, taken by hiroooooki from Tokyo, Japan The main street of Kurokawa Onsen, taken by hiroooooki from Tokyo, Japan

Kurokawa is a town renowned for its onsens and is considered as having one of the most stunning hot springs in Japan. With efforts contributed by the town, the onsen areas of Kurokawa have been highly maintained. It has retained the aesthetics and atmosphere of the traditional sense, free from modern structures like resorts and hotels.
The onsen area of Kurokawa is surrounded by wooden materials, rivers, and stairs made of stones. Part of its location is situated in forested areas where travelers can stroll freely in a matter of short distance. Kurokawa is also populated by traditional Japanese inns and public hot spring bathhouses. There are charming outside baths that belong to ryokans that calmly sit near the river just like Yamamizuki. It is a ryokan just a distance away from the hot spring town. It offers travelers open-air baths next to the river and allows bathers to enjoy the scenery while relaxing.
Kurokawa Onsen Gosho Gekkoju, gekkoujyu.com Kurokawa Onsen Gosho Gekkoju, gekkoujyu.com

From the central hot spring town, Yanamizuki Bettei Miyama Sansou can be located. It is a ryokan enclosed by nature. It has large open-air hot spring baths and onsen facilities that can be rented by families and couples. If guests want a more private onsen moment, they can enjoy hot spring baths right in their rooms. The same goes for Gosyo Gekkoujyu, which is also an onsen that offers rooms equipped with baths. The ryokan is located in one of the top hot spring resorts in Kurokawa.
Oyado Nonohana is another type of ryokan that displays old folk house-style with rooms equipped with hot spring baths. From here, guests will be able to see the beauty of the natural landscape of the area. Open-air baths are also featured by Otosato no Yu Ayanosho, which is an elegant inn surrounded by nature. The ryokan is considered one of the top accommodations in the area.
Guests can also explore areas of Kurokawa in just a short distance. Shopping fans can buy yukata robes or local products to keep as a souvenir. The area has also a lot of bars where guests can try different sake drinks around the town. The location is accessible by bus coming from Hakata Station and Fukuoka Airport.


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