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Noboribetsu is a city located on the island of Hokkaido that is known for being a rich source of iconic hot springs. This natural phenomenon is no mystery as the city is renowned for its famed volcanic crater Jigokudani also referred to as the Hell Valley. The steam from the inside climbs its way up from the mountains, then water sparkles up with glee from the geyser, producing a rich hot spring. Aside from the water source, Noboribetsu is also known for its forest areas and being a part of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. With its location being rich in natural water sources, the area is renowned for having several ryokan accommodations, resorts, and hotels that offer hot spring baths to its guests. These stays open their doors to locals and tourists alike with prices reasonable for its services and cuisine quality. 
Takinoya Hot Spring, Takinoya Hot Spring,

Among its recommended stays is Takinoya. It is a traditional Japanese inn known for natural hot springs, which are featured in their onsens. The inn is a combination of classic Japanese design and modern amenities. Takinoya also prides itself on its beautifully landscaped garden and treatment salon. Their hot spring baths can either be enjoyed indoors or out in the open-air, both offering a captivating view of nature. Another onsen hotel is Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu, which is renowned for luxurious onsen facilities and guest rooms. All of the rooms offer a private bath and a scenic view. The inn also features a bar, library, shop, and lounge. 
Dai-ichi Takimotokan is also an onsen based on classic cultural background, having its rooms designed in Western and traditional Japanese style. Dai-ichi Takimotokan has open-air hot spring baths where visitors can enjoy the scenery of different seasons while taking a dip for relaxation. Near the naturally beautiful Lake Shikotsu is the elegant Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Bessou Ao no Za. It is an onsen that offers dinner and breakfast during the stay and situates around the famous volcanic lake. Another onsen ryokan citizen is Lakeside Villa Suimeikaku that boasts the beauty of the Midori site. The Midori Mountains are part of the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group of the Ishikari Mountains. The body of water around the area includes fourteen lakes and ponds. The onsen features open-air baths made from cypress and stone materials, with water sources having healing properties and skin benefits.
Noboribetsu Sekisuitei Open-Air Baths, Noboribetsu Sekisuitei Open-Air Baths,

Noboribetsu Sekisui-Tei is one of the best traditional Japanese inns in the area that calmly sits in a forest area of the island. The onsen has open-air baths where the others feature an aerial view that visitors can enjoy watching while bathing. The next on the list is Oyado Kiyomizuya, known as a cozy traditional Japanese inn. It sits near a flowing river and a historic village known as Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura, which guests can visit during their stay. Guests can also stay at Ryotei Hanayura onsen. It is considered to be one of the best-known ryokans in Noboribetsu that features facilities like a restaurant, spa, and a large public bath, to name a few. It is also recommended that one should try either Takinoya Bekkan Tamanoyu, a 4-star inn that ranks high compared to other hotels in Noboribetsu, or Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizu no Uta. The resort is an accommodation that offers services like sauna and spa treatments, and public hot-spring baths that benefit health and enhance the relaxation of the guest.
Aside from renowned ryokans, tourists and locals can travel to natural footbath resources like the River Oyunuma. A shopping area is also available to those who would want a little something to bring their way home as a memoir from their travel. Guests can go to shopping areas of Enmado and Hakuraku, where they can see devil statues on guard. With all the walking and traveling, guests can stop by at Onsen Ichiba to eat freshly cooked seafood and local cuisine. To get to hot spring locations in the area, travelers can take a bus ride from Noboribetsu Station, or if one is near to town, the distance is just a walk away to get to places of relaxation.


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