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Gion Omoide Museum

Gion Omoide Museum is located in Kitaza building in front of Minamiza theater.  Kitaza was a theater like Minamiza, but due to expansion of Shijo street, it was closed in 1892.

This museum keeps a lot of documents and photographs associated with Kyoto.  In permanent exhibition, you will learn Shijo-Kawaramachi area back in old days.  In special exhibition, you can also discover Kabuki theatre, as well as Gion district and Maiko/ Geiko.

Inside Kitaza building, there is a nice restaurant where you can taste hot pot dishes such as Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki.

If you’re interested in Gion Omoide Museum, check website to know more details.

Here you can check up Gion Omoide Museum’s location.

When you are in Gion, don’t forget to check the Geisha Experience Maiko Chaya  and Gion Geisha Museum.

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