Ichiriki Chaya Tea House

Ichiriki Chaya

Ichiriki-tei Ichiriki-tei, nanda koreha

Ichiriki Chaya is located in the east of Kyoto in the Gion district. It has a 300-year-old history, and has been a center of the Gion district for centuries. It has been the center of political intrigue for many historic events. 47 samurai have been at the center of the plotting of the overthrow of the Tokugawa shogunate.

However, this tea house is not your normal teahouse. It is more of a place for general entertainment, it is where you can have first-class meals and hospitality, and beautiful Geisha entertainment. Although, it is not easily accessed. Many customers' families have been patrons of this location for generations. To get in, you will need an invitation, which is very hard to get, but once you got there, you will need to pay the price of this exclusivity. A night with Geisha or Maiko entertainment can cost between 500,000 yen to 800,000 yen and up. It takes around 20 minutes to arrive at Ichiriki Chaya from Kyoto station by subway.
If you need some additional information, check out an official Ichiriki Chaya website. 

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Ichiriki Chaya location

Photo Credit: Inchiriki Chaya