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Find a little bit of Zen in a teacup by enjoying one of Osaka's many traditional teahouses. Osaka is the cultural center of Japan. The “Senri-an” is one of Japan’s best known in the traditional tea ceremony. Here is our guide to the best teahouse in Kyoto.

Senri-an is located in Osaka expo city. This teahouse was built in 1970 and represents the Showa period. Although a very modern teahouse is located in a beautiful garden with 26 hectors. The Garden is split into 4 sections, each representing a different period of Japan ranging from the Hein to the Edo period.

The interior of the teahouse is made in compliance with the principle of "wabi-sabi"(侘寂)- naturalness and simplicity. There should not be anything deliberate and dramatic. This design of the entrance has a symbolic meaning: it makes anyone who enters the house bow low, regardless of their social position. It also symbolizes the need to leave behind the threshold all the worries overcoming man in the world and focus on the ceremony.
The most important part of the ceremony is the preparation and drinking of green tea. Here you can try traditional green tea (matchaand also a sweet Japanese dessert. From the restaurant, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the park.

This Tea house was built to help spread and share Japanese culture and customs to foreigners visiting the country during Japan’s first world fair. It is still very easy for tea ceremony beginners to join, so perfect tea ceremony manners are not necessary. Although reservations are required to join going to this location. The Garden where the Senri-an is located is open from Monday and Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday: 9:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. It takes around 45 minutes by train to arrive from Osaka Station to Expo70 park where this teahouse is located.


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