Gion Corner

Gion Corner

Gion Corner Entrance Gion Corner Entrance. The public restrooms are on the right side of this entrance. The geisha shows are held inside the main building on the left. © Kyoto Geisha Show & Experience Gion Maikoya

Located in Yasaka Hall next to the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theatre, the Gion Corner has a very international flavor, as it is popular with both tourists from Japan and overseas.
Right across from the Kenninji Temple you will see a couple of old and modern buildings. The biggest one is called Gion Corner. There you can enjoy seven types of traditional performing arts: kyo-mai (Kyoto style dance) performed by maiko, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, koto (Japanese harp) music, Gagaku (Japanese classical music), Kyogen (traditional Japanese comic theatre), and Bunraku (traditional Japanese puppet theatre).  Here you can watch Japanese traditional arts in ‘digest’ form all on one stage.
Secret Tip
When I give Gion Geisha Tours, I usually bring my guests to the exit of the Gion Corner at 7:45 PM, where we sometimes catch the glimpse of geishas leaving the dance performance.

Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Gion Kobu Kaburenjo near Gion Corner © Kyoto Geisha Show & Experience Gion Maikoya

The cultural performances and dance shows at the Gion Corner start at 6 PM and 7 PM respectively and last around 1 hour. You can purchase the tickets at the reception for about 30 USD and the tickets are currently not sold online. Although the 10-minute geisha performance feels great, the rest of the cultural performances seem to get mixed reactions from the audiences based on the Tripadvisor reviews. There is a public restroom near the entrance of the Gion Corner, just in case.
Fun Fact
There is a public restroom in the Gion Corner area.
There is also a maiko gallery in the lobby of Gion Corner, which displays images of the annual events held at five geisha districts of Kyoto.  You will also find maiko's ornaments such as flower-decorated hair pins together with their various hairstyles.


Here you can check up Gion Corner's location.

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