Minamiza Minamiza, 南座

Minamiza is one of the seven licensed Kabuki theaters. It was built in the early Edo period (1615-1623) in the Shijo Kawara area in Kyoto. However, as one of the most ancient theaters in Japan, the current Minamiza theater was built in 1929 in the architectural style of the Momoyama period. It has a gabled roof and a traditional mark with the official approval of the government. In 1991, after the end of the Shōwa period, the interior was ruined and the new modern times started the new era. In 1996, Minamiza has been established as the Japanese Tangible Cultural Property.

Located near the Shijo Ohashi bridge, have you ever seen a statue of Izumono Okuni?She is said to be a founder of Kabuki play. Originally she was from Izumo (Shimane prefecture).  She came to Kyoto for collecting contribution money for the Izumo Taisha shrine where she worked as a miko (shrine maiden).

Minamiza is the center of kabuki Japanese drama. This is the classic drama with colorful make-up, performance, and an interesting plot. If you are a fan of theatre, this place is definitely what you need to see. The show is fantastic in its color, music, and decoration. The samurai's show is one of the most incredible parts.

She disguised as a man and danced. Her performance was eccentric, old Japanese described it as “Kabuku” which is performing eccentric. After that, due to corrupt public morals, only men were allowed to be Kabuki Performers. Kabuki has become Japan’s indigenous play and nominated as an Intangible cultural heritage.  
Minamiza is the primary kabuki theatre in the early 17’s century.  Now Kabuki is very popular among the whole generation. This masterpiece is certainly worth seeing.
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