Top Izakayas in Gion

1.Nikusho Masuichi Gion

Nikusho Masuichi Gion Nikusho Masuichi Gion, 肉匠益市GION

This is an exclusive restaurant located in the Shibashi area where you can try high-quality meat.

On the first floor, the chef cooks meat in front of you. If you want to enjoy delicious meat in a private area, you can go to the second floor. When you just see the building from outside, it looks like a very traditional Japanese house called Machiya. However, once enter the restaurant, you may be surprised to see the modern look of the interior design. Not only having food but also looking at the atmosphere of traditional design is worth visiting.




If you want to try “Wagyu”, this is a must place.

Here in Ryuan, they provide three popular Japanese meat: Kobe gyu, Omigyu, and Matsuzakagyu. The owner of the shop has 50 years of experience in selecting the best meat.

You can try a different style of cooking such as “Sukiyaki”, “Syabusyabu”, “Barbeque”, and “Steak”.



3. Gion Tao-tei

Located just across the Gion Coner, where you can see traditional geimaiko san’s dance performance, Ryuan opened in 1917. In this store, you can try authentic Chinese food.

Most Kyomachiya(京町屋)(the house built narrowly in the front and long in the back), has Tsuboniwa(坪庭). Tsuboniwa is Japanese style small garden. You can see the beautiful tsuboniwa while enjoying delicious food.



4.Kumano yakitori

This is a unique membership system restaurant. Hence, only a limited number of people are allowed to get in. If you want to try Yakitori, steak chicken, this is the place to go.

You can choose different parts of the chicken and try its unique taste.




Wazan is located in the Gion Shimbashi area. This izakaya-style restaurant is loved by local people. You will enter from the traditional Japanese style entrance which is made with the stone pavement. Once you get to enter, you can enjoy the modern style room and local food mainly seafood. Food is amazing with both taste and idea of its design. You can enjoy Japanese food with your five senses. If you want to try sake, it is a nice place to go.



Try a traditional Japanese style. MAIKOYA offers tea ceremony in the historic Gion district and the Kyoto station area with the option of wearing kimono.

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Traditional Tea Ceremony Experience MAIKOYA - Kyoto

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