Top Western Style Restaurants in Gion

1.Ramen Yamaguchi

Ramen Yamaguchi Ramen Yamaguchi, らぁ麺 やまぐち

The restaurant is like a secret hideaway in the Gion area,  just a 5-minute walk from Yasaka Shrine. In a traditional Japanese style building with a small garden, you can enjoy high-end cuisine that combines elements of  Italian and Japanese. The chef cooks in front of you using Japanese beef, fresh seafood, caviar, truffle, etc. Please note that this restaurant is by advance reservation only.



2.Gion Chimera

Just a few steps away from the Yasaka shrine, you can have a Japanese fusion Italia in a Japanese-style house. Inside is quite spacious and your tables are set on the quiet second floor only. They offer Italian cuisine with Japanese elements mainly using good material from Kyoto. They use traditional vegetable called “Kyo yasai” which are healthy for your body. They try to stick with a growing duck by themself thinking about the quality.

You can enjoy amazing dishes with both taste and look.

Telephone: 075-525-4466


3.Ristorante Mametora

You can enjoy an Italian course with a traditional Japanese house.

It is located on Kyoto’s most famous street called Hanamikoji where you can see Geisha. It is known as a kind of hideout place for ladies and gentlemen.

You can enjoy seasonal ingredients for lunch and dinner. They provide a sophisticated Italian dish using lots of vegetables. The English menu is also available. If you want to relax during your travel, it is a nice place to be.

Telephone: 075-585-5558


4.Scorpione Gion

Just a five-minute walk from Gion Shijo station will bring you to this sophisticated restaurant. Its building has about 160 years of history and you can enjoy lunch and dinner in the historical and stylish atmosphere.

They provide a sophisticated Italian dish using lots of seasonal “Kyo-Yasai”, traditional vegetables of Kyoto. You can enjoy the quiet and luxurious atmosphere. Children under 12 are not admitted.

Telephone: 075-525-5054



Gion Okumura is located in the historical part, at the romantic Kiridoshi street in Gion, where Geiko and Maiko walking past each other. They pursue the originality for OKUMURA, nothing comparable to it.

They provide Kyoto-Kaiseki-style French lunch and dinner using seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy the extreme harmony of Western and Japanese cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Telephone: 075-533-2205


6.Kisho Zakura

The building of Kisho Zakura, facing Matsubara Dori street, is registered as tangible cultural property. They serve a sophisticated French course in the historical building, which was built in 1922 as a soy sauce wholesaler.

You can enjoy high-end lunch and dinner with elements of French, Japanese, and other-Asian-countries cuisine. Their specialty is poires au foie gras, creme brulee, and other dishes using consciously selected ingredients.

Telephone: 075-561-3939

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