Ryokan Uemura in Higashiyama, Kyoto

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Ryokan Uemura has a long history of providing its services. Being a family business, Ryokan Uemura has been accepting guests for over 65 years. Tourists can visit this inn in Higashiyama, a location known for its shrines and temples, which gives the feel of Japan's history that dates back in the feudal era. This makes Ryokan Uemura, a romantic ryokan, fitting and accessible to travelers.
Ryokan Uemura can be described as a nostalgic place, taking a person back in time when locals presented a Japanese welcome. Surrounded by traditional wooden buildings and the beauty of nature, this place is certainly perfect for retreats and relaxation, making it a worthwhile visit.


Ryokan Uemura Amenities 

Ryokan Uemura makes your stay authentic through the quality of their materials, especially the rooms that are equipped with tatami floors. It is a feature that is well-known and one of the important elements that complete a ryokan experience. Also, like the traditional inn, the rooms that Ryokan Uemura provides are spacious.
One’s stay in Japan is not complete without Yukata robes, which the inn would happily provide. Here, people can enjoy Japanese cultural immersion while spending quality time with their friends and family. With these fun and interactive activities, a stay in this inn is surely worth the try.


Ryokan Uemura Facilities


Room equipment

✓ Free WiFi

✓ Baggage storage

✓ Non-smoking hotel

✓ Shared bathroom

Hotel services

✓ Air conditioning

✓ Seating area

✓ Complimentary toiletries

✓ Hairdryer

✓ Non-smoking rooms


Ryokan Uemura Cost

The accommodation cost of Ryokan Uemura ranges from ¥15,000 to ¥25,000. In comparison to other ryokans in Japan, this price is considered moderate.


Ryokan Uemura Video 


Ryokan Uemura Reviews

According to guests’ reviews, staying at Ryokan Uemura makes one experience Japanese hospitality paired with an amazing and convenient location. The guests commend the friendly and welcoming atmosphere from the staff. The inn’s breakfast has also won the tastes of different travelers coming from around the world. 
Some reviews stated how warm Ryokan Uemera can be and gives off a safe and comfortable environment. The view of the ryokan’s little garden has also attracted several visitors, which made them admire the place more. Other reviews have also commended their prices as reasonable and have described the inn as romantic.

Ryokan Uemura Location

Ryokan Uemura has a convenient location right in the center of the Gion district. This Japanese inn is a 16-minute walk from the Higashiyama subway station, a 20-minute walk from Kiyomizu Temple, and a 4-minute walk from Kōdai-Ji Temple. Also, Ryokan Uemura is close to Kimono Tea Ceremony Kyoto Maikoya which is just a 20-minute walk away.
Ryokan Uemura

Address: Japan, 〒605-0825 Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, Shimokawaracho, 石塀小路 463 (map)
Website: uemura-hotel.jp
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81755610377


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