Tamahan Ryokan is a fascinating traditional ryokan. This beautiful Japanese inn will make you feel like you are a fairy-tale. There is a wonderful Japanese garden that creates a charming atmosphere that guests tend to remember.

Tamahan Ryokan is the best choice for tourists aiming at visiting Higashiyama. Its luxury environment is ideal for honeymooners and couples celebrating their anniversaries.


Tamahan Ryokan Amenities

Tamahan Ryokan

Tamahan Ryokan, Dan Block

Tamahan Ryokan amenities are various starting from professional room service to a wide range of property facilities choice. Hot tub, non-smoking rooms, a beautiful garden are among them.


Tamahan Ryokan Facilities


Room equipment

✓ Japanese Style
✓ Private Bath
✓ Toilet
✓ Air conditioning
✓ Desk
✓ Safe
✓ Sofa
✓ Coffee or tea maker
✓ Kitchenette
✓ Flatscreen TV
✓ Wake-up service (alarm clock)
✓ Microwave
✓ Refrigerator
✓ Kitchenware
✓ Complimentary toiletries
✓ Hair dryer


✓ Breakfast only (available)
✓ No Meal (available)
✓ Special Meal (request)
✓ Vegetarian Meals
✓ Western-style Breakfast
✓ Dinner Served (in room)
✓ Breakfast Served (in room)

Hotel services

✓ Free WiFi
✓ Hot tub
✓ Clothes dryer
✓ Washing machine
✓ Parking Paid
✓ Single Guests
✓ Children under 12 Years allowed
✓ Near: restaurants and shops
✓ Credit Card
✓ Non-smoking hotel


Tamahan Ryokan Cost

Tamahan Ryokan ensures the quality of the services provided for guests. Thus, this is not necessarily a cheap accommodation option where the cost of stay ranges from ¥20,000 to ¥70,000 per person a night.


Tamahan Ryokan Video


Tamahan Ryokan Reviews

Based on numerous guests’ reviews, Tamahan Ryokan has a great view and spacious rooms. 


Tamahan Ryokan Pictures

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Tamahan Ryokan Location 

Tamahan Ryokan is located on pedestrian lane Ishibei-koji in a hidden area of the Southern Higashiyama district, Kyoto. It’s a good location in Kyoto where you can easily reach Entoku-in, Hokan-ji Temple Yasaka no To, Kimono Tea Ceremony Kyoto Maikoya, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and others.

Tamahan Ryokan

Address: Japan, 〒605-0825 Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, 祇園下河原町477 (map)

Website: tamahan.jp

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81755613188


You can’t leave Kyoto without a quick visit to Maikoya. From tea ceremonies to kimono photo ops, Maikoya offers a variety of fun and authentic Japanese experiences.


Tamahan Ryokan

I had a wonderful time at Tamahan. The host woman was very kind and welcoming. The room was very spacious, clean and facing a beautiful traditional garden. It was also in the center of Gion in a very quiet location.

Beautiful tranquil inn in the most scenic area of Kyoto. A step out the door puts you in the heart of Gion but my room opening out to the garden couldn't have been more serene. The hostess was lovely and very attentive and made me feel very welcome, even putting a tiny Canadian flag out at the end of the alley to help me find the place. Breakfast was bountiful and delicious and I loved the wooden bath, shockingly comfortable.

I was very disappointed in my 7 day stay here. The main woman was irritated with my family the moment she greeted us. She seemed very unhappy every time we asked for something like a spoon or a cup and in most cases her response was "No, sorry". All of us got sick as the place was very drafty and the heat didn't work properly. On our last day, my one year old who had a fever was still asleep at the checkout time. The main woman asked me to wake him up and leave. Maybe I am from a different culture but I felt it was very cruel. I didn't feel welcome at the place. I didn't feel there was any respect for my family or my culture. We stayed in 4 different places while in Japan and this one was the worst by far.


Total rating: 4
Great location but pricey
Three adults staying in one room. At Y55,000 ($668) for one night (inc breakfast, ex dinner), this was a very pricey accommodation. On the plus side, the room we received had its own private garden and toilet (no heat). The mother/daughter hosts were very helpful and the inn was close to Gion. The cost of dinner was a small additional charge but unfortunately we already had plans for dinner.

Beautiful, traditional ryokan in the heart of Gion
I stayed at the Tamahan ryokan with a friend while in Kyoto for a week in May and had an absolutely wonderful time. The service was great and very friendly, the ryokan was beautiful and spotlessly clean, and the food was exactly what we'd expected. The location of the ryokan was also very convenient - walking distance from most places, right near a beautiful temple etc. As other posters have commented, the staff's English is not stellar, but we found that to be no problem at all - they can explain all the essentials, and their kindness and efficiency more than makes up for that minor drawback. They maintain the rooms beautifully, can set up and clear up the futon beds very quickly, and run piping hot traditional baths without troubling you at all. (Speaking of the baths, they were incredible, and I'm decidedly a shower person!) Our room was lovely, large enough, beautiful view of the garden, decorated traditionally. Contrary to what others have said, I found the futon beds to be very comfortable. The internet was very slow, but that might have changed since May (and with Blackberries and iPhones, you can make do without for a few days). As some have mentioned, the food is perhaps not the most suited to Western tastes (especially if you, like me, do not like very fishy/salty foods), but we braved it through six Japanese breakfasts and 4 dinners, giving in to the American/Western option only once! Also, as there are so many dishes to the Kaiseki meal, you can definitely find a few pleasing options 🙂 Also, no need to stay in every night! And we hadn't chosen the Tamahan ryokan for its food... All in all, we had an absolutely fantastic stay at the beautiful Tamahan Ryokan and would be more than happy to return again! Though some posters have mentioned a bad room, it seems that you can avoid that one by saying you don't want the one with two floors or if you ask for rooms with a view of the garden 🙂 We had no noise (or sight) pollution whatsoever, and nothing to complain of at all!

Great location, great people, excellent experience
We just enjoyed a 3 night stay at this ryokan despite mixed reviews-and all 3 of us-staying in different rooms, loved it. The food is too much, but that was nice, in case you didn't care for everything that was brought out. The staff are incredibly nice and very good at explaining how to eat which pieces and behave in a ryokan despite their (very) limited English. The rooms are not all created equal, I believe I had the nicest, but they were all enjoyable. Having the bath water ran for you at night was particularly welcoming. The outside garden is also lovely, though as a previous poster noted there is no view from your private bath. We all had the short legged tables in our room- I had a separate sitting place with full chairs, and the nicest (of the 3 rooms) flat-screen TV -which I never used. I also wanted to mention that we didn't have the same experience as the previous poster, everything was incredibly peaceful/quiet (no street noise). I was in a room under one of my coworkers, however, and I could hear him walk around in the room upstairs. We were thankfully able to choose the western style breakfast, which was pretty good. It did include a salad, which seemed a little odd to me, but it was alright. My only complaint would be that it can be hard to sleep on the futon/floor. Also, not being an enormous sushi fan, after the 2nd night (which was also my 8th consecutive night in Japan), I had tired of the Kaiseki meals. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and had everything we needed (perfect central location, availability for single guests, private baths/western style toilets)

Extremely disappointed with the room
I stayed in this Ryokan for 1 night in November. I choose this place after some positive reviews that I had read, but unfortunately I didn't get the experience that I was hoping for. Firstly, the location of the Ryokan is fantastic. It's in this little lane way and it's really close to the shops and places of interest like sight-seeing areas so that was great. The Ryokan is really nice.. it has some beautiful gardens and I really enjoyed the old Japanese feel of the place. I was extremely disappointed when I got to my room though. I had seen pictures and read some great reviews about the place, but my room was an absolute dud. It looked nothing like the pictures and it just completely lacked personality and any special touches. I think I got the worst room in the entire place! The room had a really bad atmosphere. Seeing the TV in the corner didn't help either.. And with the price I paid for this room I was really disappointed that the room was lacking! The dinner and breakfast that I had was massive. You get so much food!! It was way too much, but it was fun to try traditional Japanese meals. A lot of the food I couldn't eat though..it was beyond my tastes, but that's just me! 😉 The service was great though. The ladies were very friendly throughout my stay, but the english isn't very good so it was really difficult to communicate with them..I guess that added to the fun! Overall, I would not recommend this Ryokan to anyone. The room was just too much of a disappointment. It really lacked personality and the view of the garden was pretty bad. Also, the room faced the street, the windows were thin so I had to listen to people walking by and having conversations outside the Ryokan until about 2am. So that wasn't very enjoyable! This Ryokan is NOT good value for money.

Very different experience.
We loved the place as soon as we walked in. The room was huge and it lead to a beautiful garden. The best was the bath/shower, we really enjoyed it. I agree with one of the reviewers that the dinner was too much, not only in quantity but there is only so much fish that you can eat. All in all we liked the experience but I found it way too expensive for what it is.

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