Miyajima, also referred to as Itsukushima, is an island located in west of Japan. It is known for its forest areas and serves a significant mark to the Itsukushima Shrine. Another notable site is the Atomic Bomb Dome, which makes Miyajima as a holder of two World Heritage Sites. Other than these sites, onsens from this area also have a story to tell guests when it comes to service and legendary relaxation.

Torii Gate, Miyajima Island

Miyajima has a collective number of accommodations, ranging from hotels to guesthouses that offer natural and quality hot spring baths. Its ryokans especially take pride in featuring onsens for guests to unwind after a long day of travel. Japanese Inns, whether modern or traditional, usually offer the view of the ocean including the famous shrine. Shared baths are available around the area and are usually open for 24 hours a day, with implemented gender segregation.

Others offer a private bath which is often found in a ryokan room, while there are options to try the open-air or outdoor hot spring bath for a different type of onsen exposure. Some inns pair the bath with massages for guests to feel the ultimate relaxation. An example of these accommodations is Iwaso, a traditional Japanese ryokan. The ryokan belongs to the “Three Views of Japan”, possessing the authentic feel of a Japanese-style aesthetic and having distinct characteristics. It has a 1,400-year history, with its aesthetic dating back to the Heian period.

Momijidani Park

The ryokan offers hot spring baths that can be enjoyed either indoors or in the open air, paired with relaxing massages upon request. Some rooms also include private bathrooms. At the inn, travelers can visit other tourist sites like the Momijidani Park and the Miyajima Aquarium. Another onsen stay is Miyajima Hanare no Yado Ibuku, where guests can stop by the nearby Daisho-in Temple.

If guests want a stay with a garden, then Kinsuikan is the ideal place. Aside from being near tourist attractions, it also offers a number of hot spring bath facilities. Another ryokan with a garden is Teien no Yado Sekitei. Here guests will be able to enjoy private baths and nature views. Guests can also opt for communal baths or rent an onsen for their family. To reach Miyajima, a bus can be taken from Hiroshima Airport.


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