Founded in 1952, Yoshikawa Ryokan first opened as a Japanese bed and breakfast. It is now known as a luxurious ryokan located in Nakagyo, Kyoto. Nakagyo is famous for the Nishiki Market, an alley market situated in the central shopping district. Tourists can also visit historical sites and see ancient relics just a walking distance away.

Yoshikawa Inn

Yoshikawa Inn, Phakphum Sakuna

The inn occupies a large territory that includes both a traditional building and a marvelous garden. It also has a historical background based on Japanese folklore. The legend says that the garden was created by Kobori Enshu, a notable artist and aristocrat. Other sources would also say that he was an architect and a garden designer from the Edo period

Yoshikawa Ryokan is an excellent example of early Japanese architectural style. Every room of this ryokan showcases different decoration styles, displaying a unique blend to the traditional Japanese inn. These designs also show the talent and creativity that was involved in the development of the ryokan.


Yoshikawa Ryokan Amenities

Yoshikawa Inn

Yoshikawa Inn, Vito Torciano

Yoshikawa Ryokan features eight rooms created according to authentic Japanese design. Designs of each room differ from the other while also having a matching and unique view, making the ryokan more distinct. The rooms also include air-conditioning and a refrigerator for comfort and relaxation.

The ryokan takes pride in having a banquet room and encourages guests to have their stomachs filled with their breakfast. What separates Yoshikawa Ryokan from other inns is that it offers a dog hotel and salon for guests who want to bring their fluffy buddies with them. Tourists can trust the quality that the ryokan offers.


Yoshikawa Ryokan Facilities


Room equipment

✓ Air conditioning
✓ Room service
✓ Refrigerator

Hotel services

✓ Free parking
✓ Free WiFi
✓ Breakfast available
✓ Banquet room
✓ Non-smoking hotel
✓ Dry cleaning
✓ Laundry service
✓ Non-smoking rooms
✓ Family rooms


Yoshikawa Ryokan Cost

The accommodation cost of Yoshikawa Ryokan ranges from ¥36,500 to ¥72,500 per person. In comparison to other Kyoto ryokans, the price for staying at Yoshikawa Ryokan is high. 


Yoshikawa Ryokan Video 


Yoshikawa Ryokan Reviews

According to the reviews, Yoshikawa Ryokan provides scrumptious Japanese delicacies, which won the tastes of both locals and tourists. A guest even stated that they were told that the ryokan’s restaurant is a favorite of Paul McCartney when in Kyoto. The location was also commended as great and accessible.

Yoshikawa Ryokan Pictures

Yoshikawa Ryokan Location

Yoshikawa Ryokan is situated in the center of Kyoto. It’s easy to get to Nishiki MarketSAMURAI & NINJA MUSEUM with EXPERIENCE, and Heian Shrine.

Yoshikawa Ryokan

Address: Japan, 〒604-8093 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, 下ル 富小路通り (map)


Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81752215544


You can’t leave Kyoto without a quick visit to Maikoya. From tea ceremonies to kimono photo ops, Maikoya offers a variety of fun and authentic Japanese experiences.


Yoshikawa Inn

Superb tempura and ambiance. Reasonable pricing for the quality. Reservations are needed.

Absolutely loved this experience. You dine in your own private room. All you hear is the fish in the pond outside. Very memorable. Loved the sake and the food was nice enough.

Amazing tempura place. New found appreciation for this type of cuisine. $30-$40/person at lunch; well worth it. 20 min wait at 12:30 on Friday

Yoshikawa Inn Tempra

Total rating: 4.5
Amazing Stay
My family of four stayed here in April this year and had an amazing experience. Everyone was so friendly and the food was outstanding. We all still talk about the amazing breakfasts each morning! Location is great - easy to walk to the Nishi market and subway access is also easy. It is pricey but for a ryokan that is to be expected. Would not hesitate coming back!

Tempura doesn’t get any better than this....
We were told this is Paul McCartney’s favorite restaurant in Kyoto. Couldn’t say it if it isn’t true. Regardless, it is fabulous. Cooked right in front of you. Veggies. Seafood. Wonderful. Dessert served in the adjoining ryokan. Very cool.

A very special experience.
Small traditional inn right in the middle of Kyoto two blocks from city hall. The staff is very attentive and greet you whenever you arrive and say goodby whenever you leave. Their English is limited but they are so friendly and solicitous that it doesn’t make a difference. The Japanese breakfast, which changes daily, although it is a variation of the same themes, was the bestI have ever had. The tempura restaurant that is part of the inn is very good.

Great Tempura Served table side
Enjoyed set lunch of almost ¥3k after Gion Matsuri parade. Very fresh veggies and shrimp snd fish was likewise tender. Traditional ryokan with good restaurant known for its tempura served by a tempura master. If you could not get reservations just show up early for counter table seating.

avatarAlex L
Favorite hotel in Japan!!
VERY traditional (which is very fun!!) Best Japanese service. The women who work here are so incredibly sweet and attentive. My sister and I did the maiko experience and, let me tell you, they were extremely excited for us. When we got back they wanted to see pictures. A couple had also gotten engaged during our stay here and they had a blast having a photo shoot for them. Whenever we’d finish our plates, they’d get so excited and thank us. (Before we left for our trip we did some research and found out it is rude to not finish a meal) You will not meet sweeter people. They are very engaged with their visitors. The food is delicious (but be prepared for the biggest breakfast of your life). I’ve never eaten so much because it was good...and also because I didn’t want to seem rude. Haha. The atmosphere is traditional and aesthetically pleasing. Also, rumor on the street is that Leonardo DiCaprio stayed here and if you ask, they’ll show you a book of pictures of all the celebrities who have stayed there. I 10/10 would return and recommend this hotel. According to our guide, this place is renown and I fully get why!! Go! Worth the cost!

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