The Best Family Activities in Osaka

If you are looking for a family-friendly vacation in Japan, Osaka is a beautiful city to explore for people of all ages. Osaka is one of the best cities in Japan if you are traveling with children.

There are hundreds of activities, including Universal Studios, Lego Land, and child-friendly cooking classes. You will find ancient temples, fantastic shopping malls, and many family attractions.

You can ride giant Ferris wheels and meet dolphins at the aquarium. Osaka is one of the safest and friendliest cities in Japan. It’s a fabulous city to explore with children of all ages.


Maikoya Kimono Family Photography Experience

Maikoya Kimono Family Photography Experience Maikoya Kimono Family Photography Experience

One of the best ways to remember your time in Japan is with a family photograph. When you visit Osaka, you will take hundreds of pictures and selfies. What about that unique photograph? The picture you can send as a greetings card or hang on your wall as a canvas.

The Maikoya cultural center and tea room is a family-friendly environment where you will find expert guides, fantastic information, and fun family activities.

Your children will love dressing like a samurai warrior or wearing a kimono. You can have a traditional Japanese family photograph. That will look fantastic and give your family a unique experience they will never forget.

At Maikoya your entire family can dress in traditional Japanese attire and pose for a professional photograph. The ladies will get their hair and make-up done to make them look authentic.

Maikoya Tea Rooms has a good variety of backgrounds and exterior locations for your professional photoshoot.

Maikoya is five-star rated with Trip Advisor As well as your photo shoot you can attend a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or even try your hand at making Japanese cakes. Maikoya is one of the leading cultural centers in Osaka.


Osaka Bay Universal Studios

Universal Osaka Universal Osaka,

If you have a taste for fast food and love thrills and spills, Osaka Bay is home to Universal Studios Theme Park. This is not a traditional Japanese day out, but something the kids will love.

Universal Studios is a temple to American popular culture where you will find hundreds of rides and attractions, including the famous Harry Potter World.

Jurassic Park is a world of adventure, where you will discover incredible rides and dinosaurs. The Universal Water World is excellent fun for both children and adults.

Buying a Universal express pass is highly recommended. The express pass will let you jump the huge queues at the parks' more popular attractions. A visit to Universal Studios can be an expensive day out. Don’t worry there are some excellent alternatives.


Tempozan Harbour Village and the Worlds Largest Aquarium

The Giant Ferris Wheel at Tempozan Harbour Village The Giant Ferris Wheel at Tempozan Harbour Village,

If you haven’t the desire or budget for a day at Universal Studios, don’t worry. The best alternative to Universal Studios in Osaka is Tempozan Harbour Village.

The kids will not be disappointed at Tempozan Harbour Village There is a giant Ferris wheel that can be seen for miles. From the top, you will have the best view of Osaka. Besides the Ferris wheel, you will find lots of other rides and attractions.

Tempozan Harbour Village is home to Osaka’s Aquarium. This is not the biggest aquarium in Japan, but the entire world.

The Osaka Aquarium is nothing short of amazing. You will find giant tanks and sea creatures from all over the world. If you ever wanted to get up close and personal with sharks and dolphins, this is the perfect opportunity. A visit to Osaka Aquarium is one of the best family days out in Osaka.


Lego Land and Discovery Centre

A visit to Lego Land is the ultimate day out for young children. If your kids are aged between 2 and 12, they are going to love Lego Land and the Discovery Centre.

At Lego Land Osaka your children can enjoy Japanese culture on a small scale. They can explore a miniature version of Tokyo and Kyoto. While enjoying the many rides and attractions at Lego Land Osaka.


Maikoya Sweets and Cake Making Class

Maikoya Sweets and Cake Making Class Maikoya Sweets and Cake Making Class

If the many theme parks and western malls of Marina Bay are making you forget you are in Japan. How about taking a trip downtown and enjoying a family activity everyone will appreciate.

People of all ages love sweets, and Japanese sweets are special, why? They don’t contain the vast amounts of sugar you find in western sweets.

How about taking the kids to make some traditional Japanese sweets. The whole family can dress like traditional cooks and learn the fine art of sweet making.

This is a fantastic way to spend a few hours. The kids will love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. You will get some super pictures of the kids dressed like traditional Japanese cooks. Your sweet cakes will then be served to you, as part of your very own family tea ceremony.

This is great fun for all the family. Your children can learn about Japanese family culture. The Maikoya sweet making class lasts for 90 minutes and is five-star rated with Trip Advisor.