Keitakuen Garden (慶沢園 Keitakuen)

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“A formal Japanese Chisen-kaiyushiki garden (Japanese garden with a pond in the center) within the Tennoji Park. It was donated to Osaka City in the 15th year of the Taisho Period (1926) along with the main residence by Kichizaemon (pen name of Shunsui).” OsakaInfo.


Keitakuen Garden in located to the south of central
Osaka. This Garden is a formal Chosen-Kaiyushiki Japanese styled
garden. This a a kind of Japanese garden where a pond is located in
the center of it. The garden has a rich variety in landscapes, with 3
artificial hills going out in 3 directions, with a pond with a central
island, and many beautiful paths allowing you to travel within the


The garden was once owned by the wealthy Sumimoto family, who were
wealthy merchants of Osaka since the Edo period. But in 1926 it was
donated to Osaka city along with the Sumimoto family main residence by
Kichizaemon Sumimoto, the 15th heir of the family. It is open 9:30am
to 5pm every day, although in May and September it is open from 9:30am
to 5pm on weekends and holidays. It will take around 30 minutes to
arrive to the Gardens from Osaka station by Subway.


Japanese garden "KEITAKUEN"
Keitakuen Garden

1-108 Chausuyamachō, Tennōji-ku,

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