Things to do in Osaka at Night, What to do in in the Evening in Osaka

tea ceremony osaka private group1. Night Tea Ceremony in Osaka Japanese tea ceremony teaches you how to practice meditation over a bowl of tea and practice harmony, respect and tranquility. You get to try the matcha tea by following the Japanese rituals and enjoying Japanese sweets called “wagashi.” Maikoya is the best ranked tea ceremony venue in Osaka and tea ceremony sessions at night are available.

2. Night Walk in Shinsaibashi Shopping Street and Dotonbori Bridge
Shinsaibashi shopping arcade is lively and Dotonbori is best at night. Most people prefer to go there at night as there are many restaurants, cafes and bars. This is what you will se there: neon lights, many people, many shops, many food stalls, different kinds of shops, different kinds of cafes, unique restaurants, izakaya, cafe, ice cream, coffee.
3. Night walk at Shinsekai and Tsutenkaku If you already visited Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori, your next stop should be Shinseikai. The tower has a good view and there are many cheap restaurants, take out places, food stalls. Great night time photo opportunity. Big tower, night attractions, many restaurants, takoyaki sampling, okonomiyaki sampling, Japanese sweets, monky show.
4. Food Sampling in Dotonbori at Night You cannot finish food sampling in Dotonbori in 1 night, there is so much variety including okonomiyaki, takoyaki, fried squid, and various kinds of crepe. So many konomiyaki chains and izakaya chains can be found here.
5. The Fireworks over the River (July only) Every summer couples watch the fireworks over the Yodogawa river. There are multiple firework events in Osaka especially during the summer season. Yodogawa River, there are many firework festivals in Japan in the summer. Search for firework festivals on this website.
6. Night View at Umeda Sky Building (Kuchu Teien Observatory) Recently the Sky building also known as Kuchu Teien observatory is getting more popular particualrly at night. The sunset is just amazing and couples love watching the skyline at night. Sometimes you may wait in line. Wonderful night view, many people at night, good city view at night.
7.Night View at Abeno Harukas Observatory Abeno Harukas is Japan’s Tallest building. Although the observatory is a bit pricy you can check out the high level floors for free. It is built recently and there are many stores and restaurants. It is in the Tennoji area and near tennoji zoo, near Shinsekai.  Great night view, new building!
8. Cultural Activities at Night Maikoya offers various cultural experiences at night including tea ceremony, calligraphy, furoshiki, cloth wrapping, origami, sushi making, sake tasting, kimono experience, yukata trial, and cultural lessons.
9. Ror Stand Up Comedy Club Night Show You probably wouldn’t but if you ever want to listed to a Stand-up comedy in English from native English speakers who live in Japan, this is the place. The reviews are not that bad and these guy tell you about funny cross-cultural experiences they had in Osaka.  A lot of fun and laughters
10. Watch a Movie at the Giant IMAX theater For those who stay in Osaka for a long time, checking out a movie at night may be a good idea since this movie theater has an amazing sound system and a gigantic screen. It is also good to see the Japanese movie culture. Did you know that Japanese wait 15 minutes after the movie is finished because it is disrespectful to movie makers when the credits are shown on the screen.  Toho Cinemas at Namba has an IMAX movie salon, great audio system, huge screen, many movies to select from.

11. Night Cruise on the Dotonbori River & Nakanoshima River Cruise After a walking trip to Dotonbori, you may want to have a river cruise there. It is more fun than it sounds. Night view of the City, night cruise, neon lights, a unique experience.

12. Japanese Sweets Sampling at NightThis place has a cafe where they serve Japanese sweets until 9 pm. Japanese sweets, wagashi sampling, wafu cafe, Japanese style cafe, Japanese atmosphere.
13. Sake Tasting in Osaka (Night) Sake tasting opportunity in a Meiji-period room with many Japanese sake and nibbles to choose from. Very convenient location with English speaking staff. Sake tasting in Osaka, best sake sampling in Osaka, Japanese sake variety, Japanese alcohol sampling
14. Hub Pub in Shinsaibashi  This place is frwuented by locals who most of whom speak good English and are friendly. Great place to meet likeminded travelers too. The food is way better than may other similar places. Meeting with local people, making local friends, friendly bar atmosphere, fried food, Italian food, variety of drinks, sports bar.
15. The Hammock Cafe A unique concept where you walk into a cafe and see many hammocks (one per person). The location is very conveneinet, not far from Dotonbori. Hammocks, unique cafe atmosphere, hammocks everywhere, relaxing cafe environment.
16. Xo Seven House This place is like a an upscale bar lounge but it is not pricy. Great interior design and friendly staff. Nice bar and lounge, relaxing environment, dj music, many people, good interior design, water pool, neon lights.

 17. The night Samurai Experience at the Samurai & Ninja Museum This is the only samurai & ninja place in Osaka that gives tours and also provides you with the samurai and ninja transformation experience. Cool samurai armors and swords.
18.Prison Restaurant Bar LOCKUP Umeda This is a high quality prison themed restaurant in the centre of Osaka. The place very clean and neat but at the same time provides a real spooky atmosphere of a jail corridor and cell. Check out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
19. Aquarium Dining Bar Lime Shinsaibashi A great dining and lounge atmosphere for anyone who is a fan of tropical fish. The ambiance is very relaxing and unique unlike any other aquarium restaurants you may have ever seen. The location is also very convenient close to the Dotonbori bridge, the shopping street and the hub.

Enjoy your night out in Osaka.

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