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Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine (伏見稲荷大社)

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, which is known as “Inari-san”, is the head shrine of more than 30,000 shirines nationwide dedicated to Inari. It was built in 711, and it is said that there are benefits of business prosperity and home security, and it is full of many worshipers throughout the year.  It is also popular among overseas travelers, and has been ranked number one in TripAdvisor’s ranking five years in a row!

The biggest attraction of such a popular Fushimi Inari Taisha is “Senbon Torii”. There are about 10,000 torii gates on the grounds of the shrine.  The spectacle of the red-painted torii gates in a row is a highlight. They are just like vermillion tunnels. These torii gates were all offered by worshippers at the shrine.

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Shijo-dori (八坂神社)

Shijo-dori is one of the main streets running through the city from east to west. Yasaka Shrine, located at the starting point of the east, is the total headquarters of about 2,300 shrines dedicated to Yasaka Shrine nationwide. Gion, known as Gion-sha, was once known as the Gion-sha.  It is believed to be founded over 1350 years ago.

Yasaka shrine is well-known for its annual summer festival called Gion Matsuri which is held throughout the month of July. It features Yamaboko Junko, (Float Procession) and Yoiyama (the eve of the main festival).  On the 17th July Yamaboko goes along Shijo Street, one of the main streets of Kyoto. The floats weigh as much as 12 tons and turning them is the highlight of the Festival. The Gion Festival Yamaboko Event is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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Mikane Shrine (御金神社)

“I want to be rich!”  If you have such a wish, it is recommended that you visit Kyoto’s little hidden gem called Mikane Shrine. The image of a shrine is that it is located in the mountains or in a place surrounded by nature. However, Mikane Shrine is located in the center of Kyoto where buildings and apartment blocks are built. It has good access and is very convenient for tourists. The golden torii gate that shines in the sunshine reminds visitors a good fortune for money. At night, the torii is illuminated and the whole shrine is wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere. 

You can visit the shrine 24 hours a day. It is a popular tourist spot in central Kyoto, where many worshipers come at night. You will notice there are countless wishes written on the email by the worshippers.  Unarguably, Mikane Shrine is a must-visit place for those who needs a little money luck.

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Hanami Koji (花見小路通)

Hanami Koji is an alley about 1 km from Sanjo Dori Street in the north to Kenninji Temple (the oldest zen temple in Kyoto built in 1202) in the south.  It runs through the entertainment district of Higashiyama Ward including Gion. Around the alley, there are various facilities and stores ranging from Kyoto-like temples and shinto shrines as well as  teahouses to bars and restaurants. 

In 2001, electric wires were buried underground to protect the landscape of Kyoto, and cobblestones were laid on asphalt-paved roads. As a result, the atmosphere of Kyoto has been restored, and it is now even more popular with tourists from all over the world.

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Kodaiji Temple (高台寺)

If you want to see the autumn leaves of Kyoto, Kodaiji Temple is highly recommended. Kodaiji Temple is a spot where you can feel graceful beauty of autumn foliage. It is the second most popular spot in Japan and the first place in Kyoto Prefecture.

Since the Edo period, it has also been popular as a famous spot for cherry blossom viewing.  The weeping cherry trees in the Hojo Garden are especially beautiful, and the appearance of the branches hanging on the white sand is reminiscent of an elegant Kyoto lady.

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When you are in Gion, don’t forget to check the Geisha Experience Maiko Chaya  and Gion Geisha Museum.

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